Hallejulah! – Elaine Cook has finished her race!‏

With rejoicing, we are able to report that Elaine Cook has finished her race. She passed on in her sleep at Swan Valley Lodge in Creston on September 10, 2012


2 Tim 4:6-8 (NIV)  “6 For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure. 7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 8 Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day–and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.”

A while ago, some of us were in prayer; when we all “saw this picture”.  We saw Elaine finishing her race.  We saw the scene that one sees when you are standing at the finish line while watching the completion of a long race.  We were among those standing on the sides cheering the participants on as they struggled to finish the last miles of their race.  We saw them huffing and puffing and overcoming as they were coming to the finish line.  We saw Elaine as she came towards the finish line and we cheered as we saw her.  There was great joy as we realized she was completing the task set before her.  Such joy.  Then our eyes were opened to see that the crowd cheering her on, extended past the earthly finish line.  We saw that our cheering line continued to the other side.  We saw the crowds that had already gone ahead, lined up cheering her on – the great cloud of witnesses.

Heb 12:1 (NIV) 1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
Response from a dear friend upon hearing – “Glory to God, it’s Coronation Day!!! Hallelujah… Her “Script” is fulfilled, her Race Won!!!

As many of you know, Bill had his “graduation” in April of 2012; and there is an incident we would like to share. Bill’s sister shared this with us.  She was washing dishes at her home when she became consicious of her parents near her and she felt their excitement about their son coming home.  She then phoned the Lodge and talked with Bill and found out that he was very weak and Bill told her that he loved her;  Bill passed on the next morning.

We rejoice with great joy that we have such a loving Father!
We are thankful that both have finished the race set before them!

Thankfully, Elaine’s son and daughter-in-law visited the day before she went home..
Again, we thank our Lord for his  gentle mercy.

We are planning to continue the website. http://www.kingdomgospel.org/
The Blog is at http://www.kingdomgospel.net/blog/ . Please feel free to comment.

Monty and Lori

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Elaine Cook Update – Aug 27/12

Greetings in the Name of the Lord.

This update is being sent out as there has been a marked change in Elaine’s condition. A month ago things were as they have been; trouble communicating, but her physical condition was good. As Bill used to say – “If we could take my mind and put into Elaine’s body – we would have one whole person.”  He was just joking of course – but Elaine’s physical body was in good condition.

In the last month, she has taking to eating little and sleeping lots. She has had a rash break out on the right side of her face and when it was first seen – it looked bad. Through cream and pills it has improved, but it is still very pronounced. She also has had a fall that resulted in a blow to the head and a bruise on her hip. She was taken to the hospital and and checked out and returned to the lodge.  Her walking has got unsteady and she is now getting around in a wheel chair.

Communicating with her before was not good, but we thought we were understanding each other, some of the time.  Now, it is much more difficult and she is not talking much at all.. She does definitely enjoy when you pray or sing in the Spirit. That puts a smile on her face.

She is still in a good place. The Lodge staff are very good to her. She is at peace and it is still a “Blessed time” when you visit. But the staff have noticed she is eating less and sleeping more.


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Bill’s Memorial

Greetings Everyone
I’ve just returned after 6 days in Creston and wish to update you on happenings there.  This is how things unfolded in my experience.
The RN in Elaine’s unit reported that Bill has been faithfully visiting Elaine every day and sometimes twice a day for the past months.  He has been very attentive to Elaine and they often sat together holding hands.  Bill was aware of weakening the last two weeks and asked that he receive no visitors.  The evening before his passing, the staff took Elaine to visit Bill and she was aware of his condition.  The next morning when she was informed of Bill’s passing, Elaine said, “He’s in a much better place”.  Bill died Good Friday morning.
The next day I arrived in Creston to support Elaine.  She met me with Bright eyes, serene and at peace, and speaking appropriately in short phrases.  Elaine accepted a DQ trip and allowed nail care, both of which has been resisted in the last while.  On Wednesday she was taken by Linda, her daughter-in-law and two grand daughters to the Blueberry Patch where Jim, Marion and I met them.  It was the first time in 3 days when Elaine exhibited a bit of confusion and babbling, (which we were able to shortly stop).   Elaine was gracious and smiled a lot.
On Thursday was a memorial held for Bill at the Kitchener Home Style Café in the back room reserved for us.  We were given menus and Zellie, Bill’s little sister, kept us pleasantly organized.  Her husband, George was helpful with Bill’s affairs.  Elaine’s son Stephen, and his son Daniel, as well as married daughter (Janice) and husband completed the family.
While we waited for our lunch to arrive, Zellie spoke of Bill as a child and of his education and work in teaching school.  I then gave an overall story of Bill from the last 35 years, his interests, accomplishments and ministry with Elaine.  In describing his loveable character, I took the liberty of including Lori and Bill’s mutual love of horses,  watching Elisabeth and Bill arm in arm heading for the Bakery, and George enjoying Bill’s story telling with lots of laughs.  I explained that there would be a multitude of people who would love to be present and speak a word for Bill.
Elaine was stellar in her performance.  She remained in short appropriate phrases, reading the menu and choosing a turkey sandwich.  Marion and I were amazed.  She was obviously enjoying the comments on Bill and then motioned to Marion and Jim to carry on with words for Bill.  Then Elaine motioned to the remaining visitors to continue.  When Georgina talked about the family they had in “Gramma and Grampa”, especially Bill’s interaction with her little son, the family visibly softened with a few tears.  Charmaine continued such loving pictures of Bill and Elaine—more softening and reflective nods from family.  Elaine would not eat until the rest of us visitors spoke about Bill (Grant, Dale, and then George).  Angie (granddaughter) gave a beautiful presentation on Bill’s gentleness and the fun times she remembered with him.
We were all in sweet memories when Elaine noticed tears in her granddaughters and started to address them in babble.  We soon recognized the story that Elaine wanted to relate to them and when she briefly paused, I stepped in to give them the story.  It was about the young man who died at the wheel of his vehicle late one night and the trauma his family experienced at the loss of him. It seemed that Elaine had merged two stories in the one so I spoke of the second story when the Lord comforted the family in taking this son for a much greater purpose than what he could experience here on earth.  I also picked up that Elaine wanted to say to her grandchildren that when life is taken early in youth or later, that God has a wonderful plan for each one on the other side.  Elaine looked pleased and no more babble occurred.   Stephen had taken Elaine’s hand and spoke that this actually happened in their neighbourhood and that his mother, Elaine, had comforted the family.  Gradually Stephen’s children surrounded their Father and Elaine, asking for more of the story and listening to Elaine as she spoke love to them and encouraged them in the Lord.  It became such a touching family scene, that the rest of us moved into quiet little groups.  Elaine remained so loving and gracious and lucid.  We were amazed at her stellar performance and the wonderful acknowledgments given to Bill.
I apologize if this rendition is too long for your computers but I know your love and interest in this very special couple.  I carried your condolences to Elaine, and she was very aware, receptive and pleased.  Klaas and I remain with much love for you all, Kristal

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Bill Cook

Bill CookWe just received word that Bill passed away this morning at 4:30 AM. Our thoughts and prayers are with Elaine at that time.

Please feel free to offer your thoughts and condolences below.

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Bill and Elaine Cook Update – Oct. 11/ 2011

Bill and Elaine are both Long Term Residents of the Swan Valley Lodge, here in Creston. This is the same 24 hour care facility Elaine was in last year. Elaine is in the Harris Wing and Bill is in the Pioneer Wing. The cost of the facility is a percentage of their government provided pensions and as such they have no need of monies. Actually, the Care Facility has requested we ask Elaine’s friends to cease sending her cash as it causes issues for the Care Providers. (If you need more information on this issue – please contact us.)

Bill had been living in an apartment up to this summer. He suffered a series of falls and ended up in the hospital and was assessed as qualifying for long term care. He was moved into Swan Valley Lodge. He is appreciative of the three square meals a day. To assist Bill, he was flown to Kelowna to receive some radiation and his health has improved. He actually walked down town twice the other day. Remember Creston is very hilly and this was a remarkable achievement and is showing he is getting stronger.

Elaine is much the same. Her health is similar to last year, and our comprehension of her speech is still lacking. She appears to understand much of what is said to her. She is upbeat and is happy. A couple of weeks ago, we were able to link her up with her dear friend, Elizabeth in a video conference utilizing Skype. They both very much enjoyed seeing and communicating with each other. It was a joyous time.

Hope this suffices for now – Monty and Lori.

Please feel free to email us at molowill@gmail.com

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New update – March 7,2011

Due to being out of the country, we haven’t done any updates.  I spoke with the manager at Swan Valley Lodge on Friday and she said that Elaine is doing well.  There are no changes in Elaine’s physical condition.  She is enjoying interacting with the other patients, often praying with folks, and she is a joy  for the staff to work with.  Elaine is now a permanent resident of Swan Valley Lodge.  Nothing else to report at this time.   Lori

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Update Dec/16/2010

Quick Update on Bill and Elaine Cook.
Elaine’s physical condition is improving and her overall health, strength and colour appear to be good. When she sits up from the hospital bed, she uses her arms to help push herself up. Each time we see her – she is doing this easier.
Her mental condition has shown improvement as well. She is starting to be more aware of her surroundings and is coming to peace with her situation. She was hoping/planning to leave the Lodge and she had her bags packed so she could go. She has now unpacked her bags and appears to be trying to work with system to show them she is capable of leaving their care.
Her communication with us is still not where we need it to be. Her comprehension of what we say has greatly improved, but we still have a hard time understanding her.

Yesterday, we saw a sign of improvement. After telling us of some wonderful things the Lord was showing her (we thought); she actually asked us if we understood. We said no and she did look perplexed. That was the first time she asked us about our understanding of her words. Last week I explained to her about her stroke 4 months ago and that her communication centre had suffered damage. She was listening and I think she understood. I said that her words come out mixed and that most of the time we do not understand what she is saying to us.
Another sign of improvement was that she wrote a list of items she wanted. The one we understood was kleenex and later she was thrilled when we brought her some. As she was writing the list (letters are all mixed and it is not possible to comprehend them), she said the words “small bedroom” (trying to tell us where to look for something she wanted), she actually wrote the letters “sm bddrem”.  That was the first time her letters/words came to close to something we could understand – again marked improvement! Also after she finished the list, she started to read the first line and after looking perplexed she crossed it out and said “If I can’t make it out, how can I expect you to” (we thought). So again, real improvement – Thank-You Lord!

She is still having paronia – told us about someone in her room last night; and it was quite upsetting to her. After Lori prayed with her, things turned positive. We were planning to take her out of the Lodge for lunch (we had talked to her about it the day before), but she said she did not have the liberty to go.

One of the nursing staff shared an incident that happened in the dining room area. After eating at the table, Elaine let out some Hallelujah’s and stood up and started preaching to her table mates. It all seemed so full of love, and the only problem was that no one understood the words; but the staff person thought it was sweet.

Some of the more beautiful things  we think we have understood (mostly with hand gestures); was her time of intimacy with the Lord. It appears that He is talking to her lots and she is definitely enjoying her times with the Lord. It appeared that she was trying to tell us (very open to interpertation due to difficulty in comprehending on our part); that the Lord was preparing her to teach to others some of the wonderful things He has been showing her .
Another one that we were pretty sure we understood was that the Lord has assured Elaine that He will bring His children into His embrace. Praise you Jesus!

Bill is in his new place and appears to be getting along fine. He is definitely looking stronger. His colour appears to have improved and he seems mobile as ever.  Thank-you Jesus!

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Another Update Nov.18

Elaine’s assessment for long term care has been completed and she is accepted for long term care. Currently she is in the Swan Valley Lodge and if a bed opens there or in the Crestview; she will have a permanent bed assigned. These facilities are excellent. (Note: for those wondering: – the cost for her care is fixed by the government at 80% of her government pension, so she is taken care of financially.)
Visitors have been:
– Her grandaughter and husband
– Bill’s sister and brother-in-law

– Her brother Bill and sister-in-law
– Faith Williams spent some time visiting in Creston and joyous times in the Spirit happened. Elaine was able to communicate and insisted that Faith join her for supper in the Lodge.She did it find it hard visiting Elaine, because she is not the same person she was.

– Janice has been here helping out. She took Elaine out to get her hair done (she looks even more beautiful now).
– Dale has been here as well.
Dale and Janice have done a lot to help get Bill set-up in his apartment. Bill’s place is a comfortable one bedroom apartment situated one block from downtown. (It is not set-up for overnight visitors). His address is #6 – 202 – 18th Avenue S, Creston, BC. V0B 1G0.
Elaine has no pain and there is still joy and peace around her. Some days her English appears to be getting a bit better and she seems to comprehend a bit better as well, but she does not realize when we do not understand her. Also, there appears to be an increase in paranoia.. When our visit starts, it appears; that she is trying to tell us about the terrible goings on. Last night she wanted the door shut at the start of the visit. After a bit she will start talking about the wonderful things the Lord is showing her, but comprehension on the part of the listener is still lacking.
The next writing is from a card that was sent to Elaine by a dear sister in the Lord. The cover of the card is of a wrought iron gate that is partially opened. The dear sister glued a small butterfly going through the opening in the gate. Beside she wrote “ Elaine opening the door as He invites Her into New Realms of Glory.”
Inside the card she wrote:

Beloved Elaine,
I wanted the Lord to lead me to the right card for you, and when my eyes fell on this one, I felt it was the one He picked!
It seemed to have a message in it, as I looked at it through spiritual eyes. It was like I saw you, Elaine, standing before this lovely gate that was partially opened and its’ like He was saying…..” Enter in this new PLACE of glory, My love. I invite you to place your hand upon the latch and open wide the gate that you may walk into new realms with Me. The light increases as you walk into new realms with Me. The former glory is now fading away and the “the latter glory” is coming into greater reality. The “Light” is Me, the Sun of Righteousness, with healing in My wings, hovering over you. This path I have you on is the path of the righteous that shines brighter and brighter unto the coming day”!
“The path you’ve left behind is strewn with rose petals signifying your sacrificial life being offered to Me. The scent of these precious petals will encourage others as they walk out their appointed places.
Be encouraged, My love! I invite you to open the gate (of your heart) widely that you may taste of the new realms of glory.”

Darling Elaine,
I trust that this “little word” can somehow encourage your precious heart. You and Bill are Extremely dear to my husband and me. You have and continue to be His faithful forerunner on this journey.
Be blessed, dear one,
Love and hugs in Him!

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Elaine Update

We have talked with Elaine’s Doctor and the Head Nurse at the Lodge. They have determined after Elaine’s 30 day assessment that she will be staying in the Lodge in a different pod (wing). Short of a miracle, she will be a long term resident in the R.Harris Pod at Swan Valley Lodge. (Note: she will be moved when a bed opens up.) The Lodge is very nice and others, who have seen more of these homes, have stated this is a good one.
Elaine is still at peace and the joy around her is beautiful and contagious. She is painfree.
Her comprehension center is still messed up. (Physicallly she is able to get up and around with no problem.) We have seen some improvement in her ability to understand us. When she talks with us her words are still mixed up, but she still does not comprehend that we are not understanding her. To me, it appears if the Lord was to “flick a switch”, we would have the old Elaine back.
Last night after a time of prayer with Elaine, Lori thought (words still mixed), she heard Elaine say “We are in the Third Day and she is waiting to enter into her inheritance.” We were blessed with our time together.

Note: Bill Cook has moved to his own apartment and has the same phone number. He is continuing to be busy.

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Moved Back to Swan Valley Lodge in Creston

Elaine has been moved to Swan Valley Lodge here in Creston. It is about 4 block’s ( uphill – Bill walks it) from Bill’s to the Lodge. It is a long term care home with a secure environment.

The effects of the stroke appear to be permanent – so there is no discernible change in Elaine. This is very hard on everyone close to Elaine and hard on her as well. She wants to be home. She is safe and well cared for.

Someone was curious how Bill was doing – his strength has improved and he is out and about a lot. So if you call the house and there is no answer – it is because he is uptown visiting Elaine, having coffee, having lunch  or out at the Blueberry Farm. His health improvement from 6 months ago is dramatic and the Lord knows Bill needs the extra strength now. He, like all of us; are finding this time to be hard – but we know the Lord is in control.

Thanks for all the prayers and words of encouragement!

We encourage you to leave your comments and blessings on this BLOG here.

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