by Elaine Cook

1. The Feast of Jeroboam

Solomon was greatly blessed of the Lord, but he did not follow fully after the Lord as did David his father. His wives turned away his heart after other gods and he built high places so they could worship their idols Chemosh and Molech.

For this evil, the Lord said He would tear the kingdom from Solomon and give it to his servant. Yet, He promised to leave him one tribe for David’s sake. (I Kings, Ch. 12 tells how this all happened).

After Solomon died, Jereboam, his former servant, was raised up to be king over ten tribes in Israel. Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, reigned in Jerusalem, over the house of Judah and Benjamin.

Jereboam was afraid that if the Israelites went up to do sacrifice in the house of the Lord at Jerusalem — to keep the feasts — their hearts would turn again unto Rehoboam. The end result would be that Jereboam could be dethroned or even slain. Not a happy thought! He took counsel with his counsellors who didn’t want to lose their jobs or their heads, either.

They proposed a plan that was to trouble Israel for many generations; one that would open the door to an idolatrous worship such as they had never before known. Jereboam made two calves of gold and said unto the people, "It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem: behold thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt" I Kings 12:28. He set one calf in Bethel and the other in Dan.

Consider the meaning of "the calves." They definitely speak of the animal nature. It is a true saying that "You are what you worship." They were bowing down to the natural man that is carnal, sensual and devilish. To confirm this, Jereboam chose priests of the lowest of the people who were not of the sons of Levi. They were not sanctified, cleansed vessels. Today, we would say that they had not been cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb or the washing of the Word.

As if that were not enough, Jeroboam went one step further! He "devised in his own heart" a feast in the eighth month, on the fifteenth day of the month that was to take the place of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. Though he was not sanctified as a priest, yet he sacrificed offerings unto the calves that he had made and set up in pagan shrines.

The people, like dumb sheep, followed their leader into idolatry and observed The Feast of Jereboam as if they were doing God service, as if He were truly with them and blessing them. They had believed the lie that they need not go all the way up to Jerusalem to sacrifice. This halfway place was a good provision for them. It required no cost — there was no cross to bear to go all the way with the Lord. Just like today, people are told, "Just go half-way and offer unto the likeness of your natural man —your SELF! After all, we’re made to be gods!" In choosing to "save self" they missed out on all that the Lord had for them in His true spiritual feasts because they settled for the golden calves of The Feast of Jereboam.

Gold represents the divine nature of God. To make an idol of an animal, in gold, is to attribute unto it God’s nature. That is precisely what multitudes have done today in embracing New Age doctrines. They have glorified the human nature — self —and proclaimed it to be their god.

This has been done so subtly that many do not discern the difference between the true reality of the Lord and the Feast of Jereboam. This is my commission from the Lord: to set this forth as clearly as I can so that anyone can tell the earmarks of "the golden calf" worshipped at the counterfeit Feast of Jereboam.

2. Personal Sharing by Faith Williams

One of my sisters has been heavily involved in New Age teachings for several years, so we’ve had up-front exposure to them. She has now completed several courses costing thousands of dollars and is a qualified New Age teacher. She bills herself as a Spiritual Therapist to God’s Sons! She holds meetings in her home in the Baja (in Mexico) and does one-on-one sessions of Breathing Therapy and Spirit guiding, etc.

When we visited Baja, almost without exception, every non-Mexican was into some form of New Age involvement. Each time we go, there are more and it is spreading rapidly. I long ago learned to not discuss anything spiritual, as they have adopted all our vocabulary and think we are one of them. My sister knew the Lord in her youth but has led a very rebellious life. It seemed she wanted the Lord as an insurance policy to escape tribulation or hell, but she is very strong-willed and wouldn’t even consider submitting her will to do God’s will. She was extremely active in the Pentecostal Church and continually spouted what "the BIBLE says," when it came to rules.

When that church had big problems, she and her husband became bitter and cynical. After a few years she came into these strange new teachings through a holistic health practitioner. (Actually, they are not new — they are the same lies that Adam and Eve embraced in the garden — that they could be their own gods, independently of God!)

I have spent many nights in spiritual warfare for this family. When my sister started preaching this new "gospel", I was devastated. After a time, I felt the Lord say to me, "She has to walk it all out and know, that at the end it stingeth like an adder." Now, we just trust God and wait — until the waters return. I see her as the very blind leading the blinder and ache for the precious ones she is leading astray.

What few Christians fail to realize is that this is an Angel of Light deception that seeks to bring in the Kingdom of God without Him! The spirit of Nimrod is still with us. It does work and seems to change people’s lives! My sister is a prime example. By her own admission, she has "changed" from being a neurotic woman to a loving, gentle, forgiving, anxiety-less woman. After a lifetime of illness, she is now never ill, etc. She says she never allows a negative thought or word to enter her mind — only thoughts of peace, love, and acceptance.

This is where even God’s people get snared. They haven’t really heard the Word that speaks of "lying signs and wonders, with all deceivableness of unrighteousness" that our Father will consume with the breath of His mouth and will bring to nothing by the manifestation of His coming.

This deception is, first of all, beautiful. It is the good of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You can’t beat them for good works and loving attitudes. The church system has no answer for this one. They will likely annex it as "one of the many ways to God." In looking for an anti-Christ bogeyman out there somewhere, they never expected him to be, first, on their throne and then coming in to the world peaceably in lily-like garments!

No scripture quotations will unmask this one — only the fiery breath of God in a people who have submitted to the Spirit of burning.

This thing is so SELF-exalting. You are your own god. It is so undemanding of any cost; there is no cross. Few, I believe, will ever give it up without a burning revelation from God. They don’t understand that demons are speaking in those meditation tapes and in the beautiful songs, etc. It’s "the stickiest wicket" I’ve ever encountered — a hydra-headed monster. You feel like you are shadowboxing a roomful of marshmallows.

I recently picked up a little book called "The Love Project." It was dedicated to: the source from which it came — The Universal Energy of Love. It’s about an experiment done in inner city U. S. schools, using New Age principles. By just one teacher choosing to react differently — to love and forgive and accept even negative behaviours toward her, incredible changes came, first to the schools involved, and then later to neighborhoods as others joined in.

It all seemed so wonderful. I thought, "I could do that — way to go!" All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit said, "Don’t even begin — its all antichrist — instead of Christ. It is of the GOOD of the tree of duality." Later, I read this in Florence Bulle’s book, Lord of the Valleys, "By sheer determination of will man can act and react in the very best interests of another and yet know nothing of the innate Source of divine love." Yes! Yes!

3. A Place of Impotence (Faith)

It’s embarrassing when, as those ordained to sonship, we can produce so little at this time, when our obedience is as yet unfulfilled. Did not the firstborn son have to become totally emptied out — even impotent — before His hour came? How carefully we must walk in this place of impotence, as we wait for our house from heaven — our garments of His righteousness. We must be careful not to grasp again at something the flesh can produce — self-righteousness! Our Lord knew the hour and the power of darkness, but He could wait for His Hour to come, and so must we.

I feel, that at long last, I have an answer from the Lord for a seeming dichotomy that has long confused me. The church has recognized it as the question of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. Round and round we have gone on this issue.

I now believe that this people have been brought to a place of such utter inability to bring forth — even wind — because God is about to birth something new — a further extension of the Rock cut out without hands, with divine intervention only.

For several years I have been distressed by my inability to be self-disciplined about anything. In my spiritual youth it was necessary and simple. I would say in my heart, "I will no longer do this or that," or, "I will set my heart to seek God" —whatever. Once said by the conviction of the Spirit, there was no problem doing it.

I now don’t even bother, for it will not be done! Or, I may manage to do it temporarily, but I cannot sustain it. Never before have I thought the Hand of God was in it to break even pride in my ability to outwork the Life of Christ within.

Now, I know, as Martha W. Robinson learned, that in our outturns of abandonment, we must let God will and do of His good pleasure. We can only cry out in groanings of spirit: "Now — Lord — hear and do what You have shown must be done in us! And —this cry must be as the fire upon the altar — never going out until He comes, as He did with Martha. All she was aware of was His presence with her and she didn’t know where self had gone!

This inability we have come to can no longer be used as an excuse for apathy, or for "going fishing", because of a " God’s sovereign — He’s going to do it" attitude.

Neither can we produce something that only looks like the real thing. This is the utter death of Jordan’s waters. The Church has operated in this realm for years, producing Ishmaels by the bushel. "Well, I know God’s not doing much, but let’s try and get something happening. I know — we’ll see what the world can suggest." And, so — there they are!

I find myself doing all the "necessaries" and knowing that inwardly the groaning has begun. We’ve prayed all the words for years, but I believe that the Hour of Travail-ing to bring forth is now upon this company. To bring forth only Christ! This is His groaning —the travail of His Soul within us and of course, of all creation. How long the travail will last, only He knows. But we know, because we have His Word: "Shall I bring to the birth and not bring forth?" When Zion travails, she shall bring forth the very seed that was planted in her earth! (The end of Faith’s sharing).

4. Inside the New Age Nightmare

The Lord put into my hands a book called "Inside the New Age Nightmare" by Randall N. Baer, published in 1989.

Baer tells how, as a teen-ager, he was seeking reality and wanting to know about God. Neither his parents nor his church provided him with any answers so he found books on Eastern religions, yoga and meditation. He devoured their philosophies and began to perform yoga and meditation at the tender age of fifteen.

Soon, marijuana led him into states where he became the "light" and the "light" became him. He had met "god" and it was himself!

He studied Silva Mind Control which is based on occult philosophy. He was taught to invite "inner counsellors" to appear. They were said to have great wisdom which they would dispense to him upon request. He was to regard them as friends who would guide him through life in a successful and prosperous way. He didn’t understand that the "inner counsellors" are a type of biblically forbidden practice of "acquiring familiar spirits" — inviting demons disguised as spirit-friends into your life.

My friend, Holly, from Alberta, attended a Teachers’ Convention where the teachers were given much disturbing New Age instruction, culminating in a request to all hold hands and form a big circle. This exercise was to ask for their own personal "guide" to come to them. They were told it would be a great asset to them in their teaching. Only three Christians left the room and refused to participate. The rest were as dumb sheep being led to the slaughter!

These teachings have also infiltrated the business world. I know of different men who have had to take New Age courses which claimed to be able to increase their productivity. Their jobs were at stake if they did not comply with the program. These doctrines have invaded every area of our lives and yet many people never see it. I want you to become aware of what it looks like!

Mr. Baer strongly believed that the New Age teachings were truth. He became a naturopath and guided many along this slippery path. One of their main goals is to attain "an altered consciousness." To do this, they use crystals, pyramids, trance-inducing New Age music, subliminals, brain-drive machines, films of occult symbols and swirling light shows. While in a trance state they are highly vulnerable to demonic intrusions.

Baer tells of a time when his spirit was roaming some of the farthest reaches of "heavenly light" that he had ever experienced. Surrounded by an overwhelming luminosity, waves of bliss radiated through him and he was captivated by the power.

Suddenly, another force came in. It was like a supernatural hand that took him behind the outer cover of the dazzling luminosity. He saw there the face of devouring darkness! Behind this outer facade of beauty lay a face of absolute hatred and unspeakable abominations — the face of demons filled with the power of Satan

Stark terror filled his whole being and he knew that he was in big trouble, for this devouring force was closing in on him.

Miraculously, the same supernatural hand delivered him from the jaws of this consuming darkness. He slept and when he awoke, his body shook involuntarily for a week! He felt he was going mad. At the time, he didn’t know it was Jesus who had intervened to show him the real face of the New Age "heavens" and "angels."

Through listening to a tele-evangelist, he gave his life to the Lord but experienced strong demonic attacks for the next year until he was able to cut himself off completely from all New Age practices.

Brother Baer warns of the "Health, Wealth, and Godhead" doctrine of creating your own reality. Some of these teachings include:

Envision your life perfect.

— You are God and can create all things.

— By your power, all things are created by you.

— Thought power controls all reality.

— Your powers of godhead manipulate all universal energies.

The New Age teaches faith in man. Jesus teaches faith in Him. The New Age teaches, "I am in control." The Bible teaches: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil. 4:13.

Power-by-me versus power-by-the-Lord is a fundamental dividing line between New Age and Christianity. The New Age uses decrees, creative visualizations, mantras, repeated affirmations and occult invocations to create its own reality. The New Age man steps on the throne of "godhood" and seeks to command the universe according to his beck and call. In contrast, Jesus says: "Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled, and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted" Mat. 23:12.

5. New Age Sorceries

Altered states of consciousness open windows to spirit contacts and influences. This is a trance-like state of mind which leads the participant into letting down his guard and relaxing into a deep state of passivity and vulnerability. Methods used to do this may be:

1. Mystical New Age music

2. Looking into a mirror for an extended period of time

3. Guided creative visualization

4. Hypnosis

5. Swirling, psychedelic light-shows

6. Repetitious beating of a drum

7. Repetitious chanting

8. Occult breathing techniques

9. Psychedelic drugs

10. Yoga positions

11. Brain-relaxation machines

12. Crystal power techniques

13. All types of meditation

Channeling is a merging between humans and disincarnate spirits. The practice of engaging familiar spirits is one of the most pervasive New Age methods in use today. These "inner guides" may present themselves as a master, an Ascended Master, The Higher Self, a power animal, an angel of light, etc.

Once a spirit helper is acquired, its information or influence may prove helpful in some way, but like a parasite that offers a few presents and promises in order to "set the hook" into the victim, the familiar spirit gives short-term rewards but long-term victimization.

Faith’s niece was given a job with a lawyer this year. She gave up the job she had to take this one which promised good job security. After only two weeks on the job, her employer bounced into the office with the symptoms of being "high", and announced: "I have just heard from my Goddess ______ and she told me I have to sell my business." He was highly elated and couldn’t seem to understand why this was not joyous news for the young lady in his employ.

A basic New Age axiom is this: to discover yourself is to discover the entire universe, for you and the cosmos are one. Leaders in the movement say, "Just remember that you are God, and act accordingly."

One famous guru advised, "Kneel to your own self. Honor and worship your own being. God dwells within you as You!" (Can you imagine a world with billions of little gods creating their own personal kingdoms according to their own will, kneeling to the altar of themselves? This is heaven? Elaine)

These sorceries have infiltrated every segment of our society:

1. New Age books and magazines are big business. What used to be the Occult/Astrology section has been renamed "New Age Philosophy."

2. A number of media stars have joined the bandwagon, the most notorious of whom is Shirley MacLaine. Through TV and books she has evangelized a large number of American society.

3. New Age music has become a new category. There are even New Age radio stations emerging in the larger cities. Not all their music is demonic in nature, but a significant percentage induces trance-states to higher consciousness.

4. Holistic Health is a broad field of New Age operations. As a naturopath, Randall Baer could speak with authority in saying that over seventy per cent of holistic health professionals have a New Age background. Discernment is most necessary if you are looking to this field for help.

5. TV and movies promote the New Age "gospel" in powerful ways by desensitizing the unwary and introducing concepts and views that are subtly taken on through repeated exposure. The Oprah Winfrey show promotes New Age doctrines all the time, using Christian terms. Don’t let that "Hallelujah!" fool you. They are not giving praise to "Yah", but to the god of self, using Christian terms. Ghostbusters, Altered States, ET, Cocoon, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Dark Crystal, are all films that open gateways for demons.

6. Children’s cartoons, toys and games are laden with darkness. Occult symbols and violence guide a child’s imagination into Satans’ world to pollute their minds. In his alarming book, Turmoil in the Toy Box, Christian author Phil Phillips shows the many-leveled threat that influences so many children today. With objects so ‘cute and innocent’ as toys, children’s minds are being filled with images of sex, violence, and fear in a very subtle deception.

7. The corporate business world is now spending mega bucks to "The Corporate Transformers" to train executives and other employees in the "new psychology and science" of becoming better selves who have higher productivity. Employees are often forced to take these programs, else they would lose their jobs. These courses use everything from meditation and self-hypnosis to channeling.

8. The sports’ world has begun to offer "a new mental approach." One sports writer has repackaged a basic yoga approach of splitting the mind into two parts — an observer and the actor. This is yoga meditation-in-action. "The Inner Game" approach has become very popular, particularly in tennis.

6. Values Clarification Teaching

One of the founders of modern-day New Age psychologies is Carl Jung. For most of his career he adamantly maintained that spirits had no independent existence. His many encounters with supernatural forces were, he said, a part of the "Collective Unconscious", a type of collective human mindfield containing all aspects of human experience and psyche makeup.

At the end of his career, Jung felt he was being overpowered and possessed by forces beyond his control. He finally admitted that his invisible friend, named Philemon, was an independent spirit-entity. (These familiar spirits were the authors of secular humanism and New Age spiritual humanism). Of Philemon he said, "It was he who taught me psychic objectivity. At times he seemed to me quite real, as if he were a living personality. I went walking up and down the garden with him, and to me he was what the Indians call a guru."

The outworkings of these teachings in the schools have been subtle but devastating. The absolute (pure, perfect) moral values set forth in the Bible are cast aside as being merely one value-system option among many others. Students are taught to use their own personal feelings about right and wrong. Using the self-perceptions of natural man as a gauge of moral conduct leaves the door wide open for New Age spiritual humanism to be an acceptable option. If such views "feel right", then they must be acceptable. They are taught, "My values need not be the same as yours, but they are right for me."

"Dynasty" star Linda Evans is yet another media New Age evangelist. She stated in an interview in Redbook: "Only trust what feels right for you. But if it brings you more love and happiness, then what does it matter where it comes from?" Further, "For me, Ramtha (a well-known channeled spirit) has been a great teacher."

As well, there are reports of teachers who take it upon themselves to introduce students to New Age ideas and practices. Child Abuse in the Classroom gives details of these subtle-to-serious encroachments.

In our local paper, a Catholic priest was saying that he no longer enjoyed performing marriages. His reason? A high percentage of the couples had already lived together. When he tried to deal with this as a moral issue that they should make right with the Lord, they were shocked. They felt it was perfectly acceptable. After all, it was their choice, and was, in their eyes, not morally wrong.

7. They Stole Our Vocabulary

Not too long ago, if we talked about The Kingdom of God we would be branded as being Jehovah Witnesses. They use that word a lot, but it means something earthly to them — a natural kingdom — rather than a realm where you would let the Lord be King over you in the spirit. The word belonged to the children of God who were entering into the reality of it, but they were hesitant to use it.

We find that the New Age "textbook", A Course in Miracles, also uses Christian terminology in very non-traditional ways. Words like Christ, Holy Spirit, salvation, or Jesus, are used for their psychological rather than their religious significance. Here are some examples that are enough "to curl your hair."

1. God is merely the love within us, so returning to Him is a return to ourselves.

2. Jesus and other "enlightened masters" are our evolutionary elder brothers.

3. To be born again is to let the past go and look without condemnation upon the present. (For this Jesus died? E.C.)

4. The term crucifixion means the energy pattern of fear. It represents the limited, negative thinking of the ego, and how it always seeks to limit, contradict, or invalidate love.

5. The message of the resurrection is that the crucifixion never occurred, except in our minds.

6. The Holy Spirit’s temple is not a body, but a relationship. (These teachings clearly eliminate the aspect of a personal Saviour, reducing Jesus to an energy field! E.C.)

7. Sin is defined as "loveless perception."

8. Praying to God to "save our lives" means praying for Him to save us from our own negative thoughts.

9. "I accept the Christ within" means "I accept the beauty within me as who I really am. I am not my weakness. I am not my anger. I am much, much more."

10. "Focus on Christ" means to focus on the goodness and power that lie latent within us.

11. The Atonement is the Holy Spirit’s correction of your perception.

I have been told that if one should read New Age material without knowing the source of it, he would find it sounds as good as our scriptures and Christian teachings. That fact cannot be denied, and that is where the snare comes in. The New Agers are using Christian terminology and emphasizing love, love, love and it sounds wonderful to those who have not known love from the church system. But that love is from the wrong tree and will bring no life. The love that Jesus offers is the only love that is real and is able to change your life!

8. One World — One Religion

By holding up the serpent’s original temptation to partake of the forbidden fruit and be his own god, the New Age movement has seduced millions of people into accepting personal godhood, unlimited power and immortality through reincarnation. It is very tempting. However, there is a dark side to the movement’s banner cries of love, light, peace, and universal brotherhood.

From one who lived and worshipped it for fifteen years, Randall Baer knows the truth of the matter when he says that it is a Satan-controlled, modern-day mass revival of occult-based philosophies. It is not new at all! It has been active throughout history in numerous Western occult traditions and Eastern mystical religions. New Age practices have crept into the very fabric of Western society and they are a powerful end-time delusion.

No wonder the churches have become ultra-liberal, and are moving rapidly into the one-world religion being fostered by the Vatican. In "Windswept House" by Vatican insider Malachi Martin, friend of the Pope and teacher of priests, lies proof of the leaven which is destroying the faith once delivered to the saints.

In a TV interview, the author acknowledged that he had to present the book as a thinly veiled fiction, whereas in fact, it reveals the truth. And that shocking truth is that not only are many in the college of Cardinals totally apostate, but some are active Luciferians, playing on the stage of one-world politics while enthroning Lucifer as Prince of this world in literal ceremonies.

I have also witnessed some New Age doctrines and exaltation of "self as god" among some Kingdom ministries. This is disturbing to the extreme. Need I say that it is a time that we should no longer "hold man’s person in admiration," but be zealous for the truth as it is in Jesus. Probably our best test of truth is: "Who does it exalt — our Father, or self?" That will give us the right answer every time!

Some feel secure enough in the Lord to "look for truth" wherever it can be found. Yes, there may seem to be truth in some New Age doctrines, but error is subtly twisted in with them. To those who feel this way, I would like to share the word that Boaz (a type of Christ) gave to Ruth, his future bride. He said, "Go not to glean in another field, neither go from hence, but abide here fast by my maidens: Let thine eyes be on the field that they do reap. . . have I not charged the young men that they shall not touch (molest) thee? and when thou art athirst, go unto the vessels and drink of that which the young men have drawn" Ruth 2:8,9.

She was warned to stay in Boaz’ field and not to stray from it. Here, her virgin state of spirit would be protected and she would have access to pure, living water. The protection of Boaz would be upon her. No, He did not promise to protect her if she strayed into the field of a stranger! We are told to be ". . warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus" Col. 1:28.

The Vatican has initiated dialogue toward a new and loving unity of Jew, Moslem, Shaman, Buddhist, Christian and all into a one-world brotherhood of man under God. (Rosemary Garzon was shown some thing of this in a dream-vision). Gorbachev, working in the San Francisco Presidio, recently held a conference with everyone from the Dalai Lama to heads of mainline churches in which they discussed plans for unifying all religions into one. Many heads of state also attended. This confirms the words that Mother Theresa spoke as she received her Nobel prize with the whole world watching — something to the effect that "It doesn’t matter whether you call Him Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed; it is all one God, and all men are brothers." This is the final, fatal deception and few will survive its seductive "beauty" without passing through awful fires. No man can come to the Father but by the Lord Jesus Christ and by a birth from above!

We must consider that we are truly coming into a New Age, but it is God’s new Day — the Day of the Lord when He shall have His way, for He has a willing, yielded remnant who desire nothing else but to do his will and to please Him. Through this tried and tested remnant He shall subdue the mountains that man has built in his desire to exalt himself. The Mountain of the Lord — His authority and Lordship — shall be above all other mountains. Isaiah prophesied of this day: "And it shall come to pass in the last days , that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow into it" Isa.2:2

On Oct. 25/98, I received a word from the Lord which I believe is very pertinent to this day. "Iniquity seeketh to be crowned in this, My Day. The powers of darkness believe that their day has come. They understand not what I can do with but one man who will stand in his integrity and speak the Truth. Babylon’s dominions shake in the face of such a man!

"Yea, I have prepared such a man in the earth — a corporate man — who count not their own lives as of any value, but are fully committed to My Life coming forth in them and in My ruling in their lives. Through these, I shall do valiantly and the enemy’s house that has been built upon lies shall come tumbling down, and no one will know how it has happened!"

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