(after the order of Melchisedec)

I stand for the Kingdom of God. Some may say, "We are not yet in the land." I donít want to take issue with anyone about this matter, but itís like a person telling you: "There is no baptism of the Holy Spirit. They needed that in the early church, but itís not for today."

They can say, "Iím standing on the shore." Yet, here I am standing in the water. "Are you going to tell me that Iím not in the water? If youíre still in the wilderness of testing and proving, and Iím in the Promised Land ó walking up and down in it, learning the new ways of this new realm, possessing every inch that my foot treads upon ó are you going to tell me there is no new land to possess?"

Recently, the Lord spoke to me: "Itís time to teach My children about the Melchisedec Priesthood."

I protested, "Oh, Lord, youíll have to teach me about it, for I know very little about it."

I know only this about the Melchisedec Priesthood: I know that it is for us. When we walk in this new land, we are not to walk in the Levitical Order, after a carnal commandment, not by the mind of man, nor by carnal ordinances or the traditions of the fathers. We are to walk after the Spirit. Although I know it is for us, yet it seems so high and holy that I neither know how to talk about it nor how to enter into it.

So I prayed: "Lord, please make it so simple that everyone who is called unto it shall understand it!" I believe I have seen that prayer answered as I have ministered. Teenagers have come to me and said they understood every word that I spoke. That was thrilling!

I am going to share about Melchisedec from the Book of Esther, for it is full of it. Before I do, I want to bring your attention to the movie ĎLION-KING." It won six awards this year and was at the top of the charts for being a quality movie. I thought it was just a childís film, but some have told me that it has a powerful message. I would never have taken note of these awards except that they have something to do with our story. Youíll see it when we get into Esther.

Scene One: The Palace

The name of the king in the Book of Esther is Ahasuerus and he reigned from India even unto Ethiopia, even over 127 provinces. Would you believe that "Ahasuerus" means "Lion-King"! Guess who is winning all the awards this year? The Lion-King is! This "Lion-King" in our story, who rules over 127 provinces, is a type and a shadow of the Lord Jesus Christ ó the King Who is over ALL!

The "Lion-King" is ruling in the palace at Shushan. We need to know where this palace is because we are required to be there with Him. "Shushan" means "purity of word and thought; a lily, for its whiteness." This is where the Lion-King lives and we need to be living in that pure realm with Him!

The scriptures tell us three times that the Lion-King ruled over 127 provinces, so it must be very important. To understand this number, we see that:

100 = completeness, a complete harvest

27 = perfection; divine completeness always associated

with 3 (3x3x3 = 27)

Thus, 127 provinces speak of the complete world and all its inhabitants. This King ó "Lion-King ó represents the King of all the earth Who gives life and restoration to all.

We need also to know the time-frame of what is to happen in the palace. It is the third year of the kingís reign. Could we say that these events take place on the third day ó the day in which we now live? In this third day, the King made a feast unto all His princes and servants. I like that. No one was excluded because of being in a lower station in life. The only thing required was that they had to be "present in Shushan the palace." Lion-King didnít call them in off the streets. Only a desire to live in the "purity of word and thought" qualified them to come into this place from which the King ruled.

For 180 days, Lion-King showed them:

1. the riches of His glorious kingdom

2. the honor of His excellent majesty

Has He been showing you those things, My brethren? Has He been teaching you of His glorious kingdom and of His excellent majesty? If He hasnít, ask Him to show them to you! It blows my mind ó but most of all, it blows my heart. My heart can hardly stand the wonder of knowing of the things that the Lord has prepared for us and to understand that He has come within to reign and to bring us into that kingdom.

After the 180 days, Lion-King made another great feast which lasted for seven days. This is of great significance when we understand what it means in the spirit! We have 180 + 7 days = 187 days. From the beginning of the Hebrew year, day one of the month Abib, to the Day of Atonement, was exactly 187 days! This great feast was The Feast of Tabernacles ó the feast of fullness!

All, great and small, who were in the palace, (the place of ruling and reigning), came. (These had been prepared for the palace by learning to give up self-rule in their wilderness processings). The feast was held in the garden of the kingís palace. We are the garden in whom He lives and dwells and has His being. This great Feast will not be held in "the holy land" of Jerusalem, but in "the holy land" of the New Jerusalem that you are ó in your garden!

In our garden, there are "white, green, and blue hangings fastened with cords of fine linen and purple to silver rings and pillars of marble: the beds were of gold and silver, upon a pavement of red, and blue, and white, and black marble" Esther 1:6. What does all of this mean as to being inside of us?

The hangings were "white, green, and blue." "White" speaks of "the righteousness of Christ" that is being inworked into us. The "blue" speaks of a "heavenly realm." "Green" is "new life!" I want you to know that there was no green in the Levitical Order; there was no green in the Aaronic Priesthood! Why was this? "By reason of death" still being in effect in that priesthood. Green speaks of "new life"and only the Melchisedec Order priests shall know the power of that new life. In Levi, one priest died and was replaced by another, but not so with Melchisedec, for He has "the power of an endless life!"

There is arising another priest after the order of Melchisedec, and green ó new life, shall be a part of the hangings in his garden. These hangings "surrounded" or "clothed" the garden. They clothe us with "HIs righteousness", with that "heavenly realm of His Spirit", and with His "new life." There is a witness to this in the Song of Solomon where the Bride says, "Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant: also our bed is green" Song of Solomon 1:16.

Have you ever seen a green bed? A bed speaks of "rest, completeness, perfection, our marriage union; a couch with a canopy." A canopy is a covering of green ó being clothed upon with His life. Besides a bed of new life, there were also beds of gold and silver. Gold speaks of His divine nature. We are beginning to rest in His nature. Personally, Iím learning to judge all things by the nature of Christ. If one comes to me to share some new doctrine, or revelation, I line it up with what I know of the nature of Christ. Usually I will agree with him, but sometimes I have to say, "Iím sorry, but that doesnít sound like my Father. It doesnít look like Him, so I canít embrace that." Iím lying in the bed of gold ó learning what His nature is, and having it inworked in me.

The bed of silver is symbolic of our redemption. Weíre resting in the finished work of Christ, in the full redemption that He purchased for us.

Now, we will leave the hangings of our garden to go to the banqueting house where the wine of gladness is being served. "They gave them to drink in vessels of gold ... "

Imagine drinking wine out of vessels of gold! We are all vessels of gold in whom the Lord is inworking His divine nature! He is going to pour from us the wine of the Spirit. The vessels were "diverse one from another." When I look upon the countenances of Christís Body, I see them as different as they can be, but the wine is going to come forth from each golden vessel with its own distinct flavor mingled with the flavor of the Lord. The wine will be full of new life unto all who can receive it.

There was wine in abundance. There was no lack at this Feast. Yet, "the drinking was according to the law ó none did compel." You could have as much as you liked, but no one was compelled to have more than they wanted. Donít choke anyone by pouring too much down his throat, but, on the other hand, donít be stingy. Many have stumbled because we poured a whole bottle of wine down their throats! These are instructions for Melchisedec Priests: We are to pour out our wine "according to the hand of the king." He knows how much each person can accept and He, within us, knows when to stop pouring. We need to know how to pour the wine in this new priesthood order!

Scene Two ó Vashti, the Queen

Queen Vashti made a feast for the women in that royal palace that belonged to Lion-King. A feast for the women? What does this mean? The King is celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles and is pouring forth the wine of the kingdom and bedecking His garden with beauty. Why isnít the queen at His Feast? Why is she having a feast for the women?

In the scriptures, "woman" represents "the soul." We see that Queen Vashti is walking in the soulish realm ó doing her own thing and paying no attention to the Feast of Tabernacles that the Lion-King is keeping. She is in the palace, but not in the Holiest of All, at the side of her Husband. She is yet in the Holy Place (the place of the gifts of Pentecost).

On the seventh day of the Feast, the King commanded His seven counsellors (the seven-fold spirit of God) to bring Vashti, crowned, to show the people her beauty. She refused to comply with His request. The Feast of Tabernacles held no interest for her ó she was having a great time at her own feast, thank you! Things were really happening, and it was exciting to all the soulish ones. Her heart had not been prepared, so she had no desire to attend the Kingís Feast.

When the first reports of the Toronto Blessing and the Pensacola move of God came to my ears, with reports of people falling under the power and having various physical manifestations, I said, "Lord, am I missing something? I want to be open to whatever You are doing." He caused me to understand that He was pouring out the harvest rain to ripen the corn, the mature ones.

In the temple, there is the Outer Court, the Holy Place, and the Holiest of All. The rain that is pouring down now is the harvest rain, sent to bring the corn to its fullness. Thatís what this rain is all about ó but when the Lord sends rain, He doesnít just sprinkle it on one segment. He sends it on the just and the unjust, even upon every level of spiritual understanding of His people. Each one receives his portion and it manifests in a different manner in different realms ó and that's alright.

The Lord cautioned me: "I don't want you to even look at what is going on in the Outer Court. It has nothing to do with you! Donít look at what is going on in the Holy Place (the soulish realm). I want you to keep your eyes steadfast upon the place of the Mercy Seat! Keep your eyes on that veil, for it is opening up for you, and youíre going to stand face-to-face before that Mercy Seat. Youíre not only going to behold it ó you are going to become it ó you are going to become that which you see!"

On this 187th day, the Day of Atonement of the great Feast of Tabernacles, the queen ó the church system ó has refused to come into Tabernacles! This is the feast that our Lion-King has prepared, but they have chosen to have their own feast!

The seven chamberlains, counsellors of the King, advise him to judge this matter. These seven chamberlains, I believe, represent the seven-fold spirit of God, His manifestation in fullness. (Jesus didnít manifest the gifts of the Spirit. He walked in the fullness of the seven spirits of God as spoken of in Isaiah, chapter 11).

The counsel they gave was that this church system that refused to leave off doing their own thing in the soulish realm, believing they had Godís highest and best, would be brought to judgment. Their advice was for Lion-King to divorce her.

Then, a search should be made throughout the land for pure virgins who had not been defiled by man (the system), who would put the desires of Lion-King before their own desires; they would love Him above all else.

Vashti was refused and put away. Lion-King acknowledged that she was a bad example. She had wronged the king, and this affected all the people. Only contempt and wrath could result from her refusal to obey Him. (And, we can see that has happened. Since the church system has its own program, the world is not interested in it. It tries to attract worldly ones by holding out worldliness to attract them, but the world knows there is no life there, and has only contempt for their efforts). The Kingís decree was made: Vashtiís estate ó the church system ó should be given to another!

To clarify this, I quote from Stephen Jonesí writings: "God married Israel at Mount Sinai under what we call the Old Covenant. It was a marriage covenant, but God was marrying a bondwoman because salvation under this covenant was conditional upon her obedience and cooperation. This put her in bondage, because she was incapable of fulfilling her vow of obedience in Ex. 19:8. Hence, it was a Hagar-marriage relationship.

Most of the people in Jesusí time still maintained great confidence in their ability to attain salvation through perfect obedience to the law, so they were unable to break away and come under a new covenant. Paul appealed to the Church to "cast out the bondwoman and her son " and leave the old-order temple with its Levitical priesthood and sacifices that meant nothing to God, now that the true Lamb had come. The Church under Pentecost ended up being the son of Hagar, rather than of Sarah.

"In this past century it has put its full trust in Hagar once again. Many denominations have financed the establishment of the old Jerusalem (Hagar) and the rebuilding of an old physical temple that would be run by an old Levitical priesthood sacrificing animals once again. It is the prime evidence that the Church is under the Old Covenant, not the new. It shows that they have a Hagar relationship with God, not a Sarah relationship.

"To solve the problem, God is going to do the same thing He did in 70 A.D. He is about to destroy old Jerusalem in order to break the Church loose from its Hagar-marriage covenant. He must divorce the church (cast out the bond-woman), nullify the Old Covenant marriage, and bring His people into a new relationship under a New Covenant. God is sending Hagar back to Egypt." (Unquote)

When Hagar of old was cast out, she took with her bread (Word) from the man of faith, and a bottle of water (Word). Her sustenance came in "forms" from the man of faith and when they were used up, she had no resources of her own and was ready to perish. Not until she came to the end of herself did God open her eyes so that she was able to see the well of water that had been there all along. Not until she realized that her "forms of truth" were empty and lifeless, was she able to see that the Spirit was in her as a well of water springing up unto everlasting life.

In April of this year, 1998, God called seven "judges" together at Spokane to make His declaration that Hagar would be cast out.

Stephen Jones again: "Egypt will not be a pleasant experience for the church. It is going to find its wealth suddenly stripped away, leaving them naked and in shock. They are going to find their prophetic views suddenly proven false by the destruction of Jerusalem and Godís refusal to "save the day" at the last minute.

When this happens, we must be ready to provide them with a new road map to the Promised Land. We must be able to explain to them the basic story of Israelís feast days and how they prophesy of the things all of us must learn on the way to the Promised Land. We must show the Presbyterians how to get beyond Passover. We must show the Baptists how to get beyond the Red Sea. We must show the Charismatics how to get beyond Marah (the healing doctrine). We must show the Christian and Missionary Alliance how to get beyond Elim (the 70 Palms, or the missionary movement to the 70 nations of the earth). We must show the Pentecostals how to get beyond Mount Sinai. We must show them the diffeence between the golden calf that glitters and shines in the sun and the face of Moses which shines with the light of God. " (Unquote)

Since the Lord has declared that Vashti shall no longer rule, but be cast out and divorced, it means it is time for the virgins in the land to be brought before the King.

Lion-Kingís decree that was sent throughout his kingdom was: "In every home the man should rule!" The man ó the spirit ó should rule! Not the "woman" or the "soul."

So, the call went forth for the hidden virgins to be prepared for marriage to the King. They were put under the care of Hege, the kingís chamberlain, who is a type of the Holy Spirit who gave them their things for purification. Have you had the Lord give you things for your purification? Iím sure you have ó some of you sooner, some later. It is a necessary operation to fit us to be the Kingís Bride.

Scene Three: Enter, Mordecai

Mordecai is a ministry that understands Godís timing and cares deeply for the Bride. He is of the tribe of Benjamin, for that tribe is "the son of the right hand", and rules and reigns with the Father. The church says of Benjamin, that remnant company, "He is the son of my sorrow. He isnít with me. He has forsaken me."

Mordecai brings his uncleís daughter, Esther, to be among those fair virgins who aspire to be the Bride of Lion-King. She also is of the tribe of Benjamin, those who are "added" unto the Lord. (Neither has she any father or mother, so we see here some shadow of the Melchisedec priesthood.

Her name is very significant, for Esther means "I will be hidden." Sometimes we have felt badly about being hidden, but the Lord hides His virgins. He hides those in preparation for His holy priesthood. He doesnít permit them to be known until they come to what He has for them. Mordecai charged Esther: "Keep silent as to who you are until Godís appointed time. Donít tell anyone about your lineage or the call of God upon your life. Donít even tell them that we are related."

We walk among our brethren and they do not know us! They do not know where we are walking; we are maligned and misunderstood. This is hard, but we are not to reveal ourselves. That is the Lordís business.

Hege had the task of preparing the virgins for 12 months before they could appear before Lion-King. The number "12" speaks of "the government of God." Whether this number be actually 12 months, 12 years, or half a lifetime, your preparation is not fulfilled until you come under divine government! That means that the Lord alone rules in your vessel and self has abdicated the throne. He is not sharing His throne with us ó there is no co-ruling here! Self must surrender all.

A brother shared, "The Lord told me, ĎI want you to take everything off My throne which pertains to your life and the substance of your life. Remove everything."

"I said, ĎWhat?í He repeated word-for-word what He had said. This was followed by many processings which brought me to a more intimate relationship with Him." (This was his 12-month processing).

The first six months are rather rough, for we are given the oil of myrrh for our cleansing. Myrrh was an ingredient of the anointing oil. Frankincense and myrrh were given to Jesus as a gift upon His birth and again at His death. Myrrh speaks of suffering and pain turned into compassion.

Some believers have complained to me, "Once I was apprehended unto the high calling of God, I was so thrilled! I thought I was in heaven! But, the first thing the Lord did was to give me a big dose of myrrh and I really donít appreciate it. I came into pain and suffering like Iíve never known before." I tell them to take their myrrh with thankful hearts, for it is part of the processing of the Bride.

The myrrh takes away the old ó the traditions of men, the carnal commandments that were not of the Spirit. I remember one time when the Lord was putting His finger on something in me and I was so embarrassed about it. He said, "I am just coming against your enemies and Mine." Well, that put an entirely different slant on it and I was willing to let the myrrh do its work because it was good. I didnít need to be ashamed of self, or to defend it, but just let the Lord bring it to death!

After the myrrh has done its work, we have six months of being anointed with sweet odours (spices). This is a beautifying, a putting in of the new. We can hardly believe it when we come to this stage and people begin to see the beauty of Jesus coming forth in us.

Jesus gathered spices in the wilderness of this world by yielding His will to God, and by learning obedience through the things that He suffered. Song of Sol. 5:1 says, "I have gathered My myrrh with My spice: I have eaten My honeycomb with My honey. I have drunk My wine with My milk." His disciples were unable to comprehend the cross ó that, unless He gathered His myrrh and His spices, He died in vain. They knew not that He must drink His cup of wine. They did not perceive it when He was gathering spices. People donít recognize when they are gathering spices. Often it is painful. They may need to go to a tree and reach past its thorns to gather its spices. They may never see past the hurt to the lasting fragrance that comes to them as a result of what they endured.

For example, frankincense does not release its fragrance until it is put in the fire. Picture Jesus in Pilateís hall and they are mocking Him and putting a crown of thorns upon His Head and striking him. They taunt Him, "Prophesy, who is it that hit you?" He could have called ten thousand angels, but He did not. Oh, the magnificence of that Man standing for us ó bearing all the abuse of His own creation, which He had made and loved and longed after! I have a mental picture of Pilateís hall being full of the fragrance of frankincense! They could hardly see for the cloud of incense that was arising, for our Lord was in the fire and the wonderful fragrance of His nature was coming forth. We would never have known the beautyof His person had He not suffered as He did.

Some say, "Jesus died on the cross so I donít have to die." Iím sorry. Jesus died so that I might have the power to also die to my own ways and to live after His life and come through unto total victory. By His death, the Spirit of Christ became "divisible" so that, instead of the Spirit being only in one man, it could be shed abroad into the hearts of all men. The Lord puts us through discipline and training so that we may put on His nature.

The day came when Esther was to go in unto Lion-King. The exciting possibility that He might choose her for His Bride, made her heart beat faster. There was a provision for that day that permitted her to choose any of all the lovely dresses, the fragrant perfumes ó anything that she wanted to make her look more beautiful. But, Esther refused to choose anything. She was content to let Hege, the chamberlain (the Holy Spirit) choose for her. She had learned to fast from her own ways and desired only what the Lord wanted for her life. The preparation had done its work!

When this "hidden one" went in unto the King, she not only obtained favor from Him, she obtained favor from all. It was the seventh year of Lion-Kingís reign, even the time of the Feast of Tabernacles, when Esther went in unto Him. When He looked upon her, He saw His own image, His own nature shining forth from her countenance, so she found grace and favor in His eyes. He loved her with His whole heart and crowned her with the glory of His crown.

The first thing Lion-King did was to put on a feast for Esther. When He has put away the church system and chosen the hidden virgins who are obedient unto Him, He is going to celebrate! The King is putting on this feast ó it is no soulish feast ó no feast of the women. It is the Feast of Tabernacles where He will dwell with His Bride in fullness!

Scene Four: Haman, the Villain

Mordecai was around the palace a lot, watching over Esther ó not saying much, but keeping his ears open. His ears heard of a plot to assassinate Lion-King, so he told Esther the queen, who relayed it to the king on behalf of Mordecai.

As a consequence, it was "off with the heads" for the bad guys, but nothing was said or done for Mordecai.

Enter: the villain, Haman, whom we could say is satan, or the realm of the flesh. Haman holds an exalted place, second only to the King. I was told that the word "Haman" signifies a title (rather than a name), such as a prince, or "high executive officer" of the line of Agag, the king of Amalek.

Remember that Saul let Agag live when he was commanded to destroy all the power of the flesh? He lost his kingdom over this disobedience of keeping the flesh alive! Now we see Agag being dealt with again, this time by the remnant, that people who are being prepared to be Melchisedec Order priests. The flesh shall be fully vanquished by them!

Everyone "bowed and scraped" before Haman, for his power and influence was great. That is, everyone except Mordecai! He didnít pay any attention to him. He didnít exalt his own flesh, so he wasnít going to exalt anotherís flesh! He had eyes only for Lion-King and the care of the Bride. The flesh held no attraction for him at all, even though it carried a lot of pretended pomp and glory.

To be ignored by Mordecai was a constant "thorn in the flesh" to Haman. He would go home and complain to his family and friends: "Even though I have this high position next to the king, I can still not be happy as long as there is that man out there who refuses to bow to me and give me honor!"

His family advised: "Why donít you check him out and Ďdo a number on him?í" He took their advice and carefully checked to find out who Mordecaiís people were. He determined, "Iím not going to get revenge on just this one man. Iím going to get revenge upon all his people, the Jews. He reported to the king, "Your Majesty, there is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the people of your kingdom; and their laws are different from all people; neither do they keep the kingís laws. It is not to your profit to let them live.

"If it please the king, let a proclamation be written that they may be destroyed. To help with this project, I am willing to contribute five million dollars to the kingís treasuries."

Lion-King hearkened to his chief counsellor and agreed to his terms, so the proclamation was made and sent forth throughout the land. Esther may not have heard about this, but she did hear disturbing news about Mordecai. Her maids told her that Mordecai was making a spectacle of himself before the king's gate. He had torn his clothes and put on sackcloth with ashes upon his head and was crying bitterly.

Esther sent clean raiment out to him, for no one was allowed in the kingís gate clothed with sackcloth. Mordecai refused the clothes and continued to mourn. He told the chamberlain to inform Esther about the proclamation of death that was made unto the Jews and charged her to go in unto the king and intercede for the life of her people.

She sent word back, "I canít do that, for the king has not called me into His presence for 30 days. And, by royal decree, no one who is not called, can go into the inner court upon pain of death, unless the king should hold out to him the golden sceptre, that he might live."

Again, Mordecai answered back, "Donít think you shall escape by living in the kingís house. Who knows but that you are come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

Then came Estherís famous words: "Bid all my people to fast for me and I will go in unto the king ó and if I perish, I perish."

Now ó what is she going before the king to ask for? She is going to ask for LIFE! Here comes the GREEN, the new life! We are now beginning to see the type and shadow of the Melchisedec Priesthood portrayed in Estherís life.

I am now going to speak very plainly, and up-to-date, in reality, not in shadows, because it is time for that priesthood to come forth. Two years ago, Rosemary Garzon had a tremendous experience concerning this new priesthood. (Rosemary is a mighty intercessor and a confirmer to the Body of Christ).

Her husband was in the hospital in Springfield, Missouri. She stayed with him day and night. This night, at 3 a.m., Rosemary was still "a watchman upon the wall" and was in intercession as her husband slept. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit told her, "Call forth the Melchisedec Priest within you to come forth and to stand up!" Then, He had her declare the call over all the earth: "Stand up! Come forth, ye Melchisedec Priests! The time is NOW for you to stand up!"

No sooner had she made those declarations than the fire alarm just outside their door went off and clanged loudly for 15 minutes. Finally, Rosemary stepped out of the room to check it out. She heard a nurse say on the phone, "Oh, weíre just having a fire drill."

 Another nurse asked, "Are we really having a fire drill?"

The answer came, "No. I just didnít know what to say." (No one is going to call a fire drill at 3 a.m. in a hospital! And, the alarm was ringing only at this one station!)

Rosemary rejoiced because she knew this had happened as a confirmation to take notice of the two proclamations that the Spirit had made through her. Later on, when things quieted down, the Lord continued, and spoke something of great significance: "Reverse the Wheel of Destruction that has been set against Your people." This is the negative wheel of power that we see working against us. The Lord said, "Reverse that."

Back to our story ó we see that Haman has the wheel of power reversed against himself! He is like satan who has ruled in death over all, and the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death! As this wheel of destruction is reversed, satanís power will be bound for 1000 years and Godís plan is going to move on toward LIFE and LIFE!


I have asked the Lord, "Who is this Melchisedec? All I know is that these things are too high and too holy for me."

He made it very simple to understand by putting several questions upon my heart, from which the answer came.

First, I had to consider the qualifications of this new priesthood. "Who do I know who has the Spirit of an endless (indissoluble) life?" The answer is: only Jesus. Who is without father and mother of natural descent?" Again, only Jesus qualifies.

I knew I couldnít qualify for this new priesthood, for I came from a natural descent. I know who my father and mother are. And, I do not have an endless life as far as my bodily person is concerned. But, the Holy Spirit showed me who fulfils each of these requirements: it is the Christ within! He alone is without natural descent, and is possessed of an endless life.

We are going to be priests after the order of Melchisedec and I can say without fear of contradiction that weíre going to learn to walk and let the Priest of the most High God within us order our way. Weíre going to do what the Priest wants to do. Weíre going to pray only what the Priest wants to pray. Rosemary wasnít praying anything that was in her own mind. She was praying what the Melchisedec Priest within her wanted to pray! He said: "Call the Melchisedec Priest within you to come forth and call forth My Priests over all the earth and reverse the Wheel of Destruction ó she was simply proclaiming what the Priest inside of her wanted done!

That is what He is bringing us into and that is why He is showing us it is the time. On May 28, 1998, I was walking down the street of our little town when I heard the Spirit speak these awesome words: "I have today inducted you into the Melchisedec Order." I began to weep and fled to my car where I asked the Lord for confirmation. To "induct" means "to put in formal possession (as an office); to admit as a member; install." I understood that He needed to place His Priests into this new office so that He would be able to teach them how to function in it. He reminded me of how "the burden of the word of the Lord" was placed upon the shoulders of a man when he was being knighted. The Lord is now placing upon our shoulders the responsibility of knowing His heart and judging aright by His Spirit.

If youíve been through your 12 months of testing, youíre ready to be inducted. All it requires is obedience unto the Priest within. Your guideline should be that whatever is of Him will "establish righteousness and bring into order."

The hidden ones intercede for life ó our own life and the life of our people. "If I have found favor in thy sight, O king, and if it please the king, let my life be given me at my petition, and my people at my request!" The golden sceptre was extended unto Esther but she didnít ask for her life right away. Instead, in Godís wisdom, she invited Lion- King and Haman to a banquet.

Haman took boldness from this invitation to erect a gallows on which to hang Mordecai. That night the king was restless and sat up and read in the records of his kingdom. He came to the place where Mordecai had saved his life and he asked, "Has anything been done for this man?" At that moment, Haman entered to speak to king about hanging Mordecai. The king asked him, "What should be done to the man whom the king delighteth to honor?" Of course, Haman thought that meant him, so he suggested he be attired in royal apparel, with the kingís crown on his head, and seated on the kingís white horse, be led

through the streets in honor. What a shock he had when he learned that Mordecai was the man who was to be honored by Lion-King!

At her second banquet, Esther revealed Hamanís plot against her people and makes intercession for her life and theirs. When Lion-King stepped out of the room to consider the matter, Haman threw himself upon Estherís couch to plead for his life. The King enters and commands Haman to be taken and he is hanged on the gallows prepared for that good man, Mordecai!

Mordecai, of that Benjamin remnant, is then exalted at the kingís right hand. And, the decree against the people of God is reversed. That was the end of the flesh. And, many became Jews (believers) because the fear of the Jews, (of their God), was upon them.

In conclusion, the Lord spoke something very precious to my heart during these dealings. He said, "Death can not rule over us, for the decree has been reversed." It was a confirmation of all that He had spoken to my heart from the book of Esther. Write this indelibly upon your heart: "Death can not rule over us, for the decree has been reversed." Arise into that new priesthood order, O priests of Melchisedec! Give Him all honor and glory in being able fulfil the desire of His heart through His willing vessels who will let Him be that mighty priest of an endless life within them!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *