Faith Williams

(We felt Faithís word spoken at "The Gathering Unto the Lord" in North Carolina was such a "now" word that we should put it in writing to share with the Body. Bill and Elaine).

We have gathered for a holy convocation. I really sense that we have not gathered for any other reason. There were many reasons in the past why we gathered together: for fellowship with one another; to hear what the Lord was going to say; to be blessed of the Lord. There were so many reasons. But I believe the Lord has gathered us together at this time from many places because He has a specific word He wants us to hear ó a certain sound from heaven.

I am also feeling in the Spirit that God has planted in our hearts a great longing and need and desire to hear that Word. The world is full of words and in the last three years I have heard so many by so many different labels ó Sonship ó Kingdom. Weíve had lots of names for them. Praise God for the vision and praise God for all those things. They have all been necessary. But I believe God is tuning us in now as His people to one vision only and that vision is to come into the image and likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I was thinking of something I said to a brother several years ago. He was receiving great revelation from God and was just getting higher and higher in all of it. One day I said, "Brother, if these truths that we hold so dear, this vision that God has given us and every wonderful thing that God has told us about Sonship and the manifestation of sons, if it all turned out to be a wonderful dream and we just had to go back to being what we could call ordinary Christians, just ordinary walking with God; if there were no great rewards and no great ministry and no floating through the air and slaying people with the greatness of our coming and all those tremendous things we have been talking about ó if that was all and at the end there was only Jesus , would we still love Him? Has that important event become bigger than He, and the great ones in His Kingdom that we were to be become more important than He?

His answer to me was: "Yes, Sister, I could." I really believe that is where God is bringing this people today. The vision and the out- working thereof is already in our hearts, and whatever that means in days to come, or how we will walk or where God will use this people, really has become secondary. A scripture has just burned in my heart, of late, "I shall be satisfied when I awake in His likeness." And thatís where itís at!

In the past many months, the Lord has been dropping many keys that we have longed for, prayed for and desired ó the how toís ó He brought these keys to me from many sources. When I held them in my hand and in my heart, I said, "God, I know what You have wanted and I have known what my heart desired, and I feel that You have given me some very important pieces of the puzzle that we have needed.

For about thirty years, the Lord has led me from writing to writing ómost of all His writings, of course, on my heart óand He has used those experiential words from those who have come before us. (And saints, letís not ever get the idea that we are the people and this is the only generation that God has ever talked to. I have been brought very low by that which God has said to our brothers and sisters who walked before us. Maybe they didnít know it in the terms we use today, but they understood " the pattern given in the mount" for coming into God).

I received these writings all down through the years, knowing that God ordered them to be in my life. Anyone who has read any of Jane Leadeís writings that Larry Hodges has been printing knows something of the depth and reality of what God meant to His people, even in the 1600ís.

All that to say that I cannot believe the changes that have come into my life in every way in the last nine months ó since one morning when I was sitting at the breakfast table and the Lord just began to speak to me. He said, "I must tear you loose from all that binds you to this earth realm."

And I said, "Lord, that word Ďtearí ó it sounds just a touch violent here. What are You going to have to do?" In the ensuing months I have been discovering what "tear you loose" really means. And I knew it was time ó time to walk beyond the vision and beyond the dreams into the reality of what God wanted to do. I tell you, saints, with all my heart, I have no desire to be here or anywhere else today unless God is Ďgoing up.í I have no desire to be heard of men. I have no desire to minister. I only know that there is a fire burning in my heart, and God woke me at 3 oíclock this morning and fanned the flames. I believe He has asked me to do something I have never done before. I am not a preacher nor a teacher. All I have is the Word of God that the Lord put in my heart. He has been burning some things into my heart, some "how to" things, and they are come to us through the lips and writings of many other saints.

I said, "Lord, You know I have never felt to quote from anybody else. Nothing is real to me unless You have worked it out in me. I donít have a word for the wordís sake. Lord, if You donít give me something that is mine, then I have nothing to minister to the people."

He said, "Iím giving it to you. I am now giving it to you. I just want you to tell them what Iíve told you." So, without shame, I tell you that what the Lord has given me to share has come from William Law, Amy Carmichael, Hannah Whittal Smith, Hannah Hurnard, the Holy Spirit and hopefully, Faith Williams, in that order. These are things that have that certain sound. The Lord has enabled me to put these together in a concise flow and I am not going to bother to tell you who said what. It doesnít matter. The Lord spoke to one ó they ignited the flame of God in the next one, and they ignited that flame of God in another and they ignited my flame. I hope today that the Holy Spirit will breathe on all of our flames together.

Some of these things the Lord told me as I read, and I knew when I read the words that these saints had been given, that they were the same words that were gestating in my spirit for the past several months. All I can tell you, saints, is that I have come to a place where I feel, as a company of Godís people that He has apprehended and called unto these days, we are standing before a mountain and that mountainís name is Mount Zion. There is a cry that coming into my spirit, and I am hearing it from many places, "Lord, give us this mountain!"

Weíve sung about it; weíve read about it; weíve had it preached to us ; we understand ó we can probably tell you everything itís made of! But thereís this sense of need and determination that is beginning to lay hold upon us. It wasnít until some writings of Hannah Hurnard came into my hands recently in the most amazing way, that I under stood the cry of my heart and that deep sense of ĎI cannot be satisfied with what we have had.í It has not brought us in. Thank you Lord, for it has been part of the way. I praise You for every bit of it, but it has not brought us to Mount Zion.

As I read these things, I thought, "Oh Hallelujah, Lord, You are beginning to give us some keys." Weíve used all the terms: dying to self, putting on the Lord ó we all know them. They are in our hearts. But our heartís cry is, "Oh God, give us this mountain!" That spirit that came upon Caleb! He would not be denied. It was time to apprehend that mountain. That is where we are: thatís the hunger, thatís the sense of unfinishedness that lies upon the hearts of Godís people.

I want to read some of these mighty words in such a way that we will not go forth from this place or from any other gathering of God saying, "What a mighty word of God!" and ten minutes later we donít even know what it is ó weíve forgotten it! I said, "God, give me fire words, the kind that burn into our hearts." Even though we may not understand the structure of the words, we have heard the substance of God. We have heard what the Spirit is saying to the called-out.

When I began to read "Freedom from a Self Centered Life" by William Law, the Spirit said to me, "You are not going in to the wedding feast without your garments." The Spirit of Love can only come into us by a divine birth." It is not going to drop out of the sky. It is not going to come because we desire it. We must be born into this kingdom of love!

Larry (Hodges), remember when you told me you had just read Hannah Hurnardís book "The Kingdom of Love" and you said, "I know this is where we must go. I know this is what is missing. This is the next thing that God is going to do, and without it, children of God, brothers and sisters, we have nothing to manifest."

We can talk "manifestation of the sons" all we like. Until we come into the kingdom of this holy fire of love that the Lord Jesus had, we have nothing to manifest except a word. We will still bring forth nothing but wind! God knows weíve had plenty of that! The kingdom of love, the spirit of love, can only come into us as a divine birth. Divine life is a new life and nature, a holy fire which cleanses and purifies. Weíve had a lot of ministry in some of the other realms concerning love, and itís ended up being a glorified human love. Itís kind of a cushy, anything-goes. Weíll just receive everybody and everythingís okay and we wonít mention sin and weíll not talk about death to self. Weíre just going to love. And something tells me itís spelled "LUV", like the British spelling. Itís not the burning fire of Godís love.

Even when a message of reconciliation goes forth, thereís often been a real misconception of how thatís going to be. Weíre not going to say, "Okay, I remit your sins and you just all come in now and God loves you and you are all going to be saved." There have been some real misunderstandings in this realm. There is only one way back to the Father. We sang it for years in the church from which I came: "The way of the cross leads home." We have no other message but "simply to Thy cross I cling." It is only the cross inworked in our life that is going to be our message. We are going to be mercy-ers and we are going to be children of love and all those things, but we cannot make the way back to God any easier for anybody. Everyone, everyone of the creation of God is going to come through the fire to His holy love. Hallelujah!

Beautiful views and impressions of heavenly things and especially of a life in the Spirit of love may occupy and gratify us, when in practice we are far from possessing them. There has been a cry in my heart for a long time: "Father, we who have received so much truth, so much revelation of the purposes of God, could it be that having heard it for so long, we actually think that we possess it and are self-deceived? God, keep us from self-deception in something that is so familiar and we are so lifted up in our spirits when we hear it, that we suddenly find ourselves standing before You naked órealizing we have not apprehended it ourselves.

Iím the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher and Iíve seen many young people who have been raised in the church and if you asked them what they were, thy would say: "Iím Pentecostal. I mean, my Momís Pentecostal; my Dadís Pentecostal. Iíve been raised in the Pentecostal Church. What else would I be?"

God, deliver us from that ever happening in what we call the Sonship or the Kingdom message ó that it just became so familiar, and we wanted it for so long and we so identified with the message that we havenít gone on to the mountain of God. I believe that is what God is saying to us now. Itís time to arise and become that thing that I have spoken to you of! There is a vast difference between the doctrine or teaching that sets forth the nature, excellence and necessity of the spirit of love and the reality of walking in it. We may be full of the former and yet entirely empty of the latter. Lord, help us!

Lord, bring us in! It is quite possible to embrace the shadow instead of the substance. This is the roll from Ezekiel that was sweet in the mouth. The Lord knows, it has been sweet in the mouth, but we can get into a " continual career" of the sweetness in the mouth and still refuse to let that word go down into the belly where it becomes very bitter. But until it becomes that bitterness in the belly, it will never " become flesh and dwell among us." That is the reality that I see. The teaching is only given to lure us on to pay the price needed to secure the treasure. "I will allure her and bring her into the wilderness." Brother George Warnock said, years ago, "God is very wise. He knows His people very well. He knew perfectly well that if He told the children of Israel (even though they were in cruel bondage in Egypt), the things they would face on that wilderness journey, there wasnít one of them that would have set foot after Him. So ó He told them of the milk and honey and of the land flowing with it. He just didnít say, " There are a few things for you to encounter on the way to that land," because he knew He had to allure His people. Well, weíve been allured, saints. Weíve heard about the milk and honey. We just didnít know there were a few things on the way we hadnít encountered yet. Iím very aware Iím talking to tried stones here, and seasoned saints. Donít misunderstand me. Maybe a lot of you are farther along this road to the Kingdom of Love than I am. But I know God is saying, "Itís time to go in and take the Kingdom. Itís time to finish what Iíve begun."

The Holy Scriptures show us where to seek and find the fountain of all light and knowledge, who is the Lord Jesus Himself. As John the Baptist, the Holy Scriptures are a burning and shining light to us for a season. The danger is that we begin to see them as an end in themselves. The Lord Jesus said, "Ye have searched the scriptures daily, for in them ye think ye have eternal life. I am standing right here in the midst, and I am life and you wouldnít come to Me." I see that, and please understand that I reverence the Holy Scriptures and I thank God for them. They will ever be our guide. He will never tell us anything that is opposite to what they are saying, but they really are the signposts to show us the way to Christ Himself, in whom is hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge that we will ever need! Regeneration is a divine birth in which a man becomes a babe in Christ. The full out-birth of that beginning is when he understands what Godís purpose is for him and intelligently and with his whole heart gives himself to be possessed by Godís Holy Spirit and to be filled with His Love.

Then we come to the price. We all know we have paid portions of this price. We must give up all that we are and have from fallen Adam ó daily. It is daily, folks. My personality is such that I do really well for a while, then not so well, then up and then down again. Itís the dailies! Itís the dailies! The Spirit of Love is a new life. Nothing less than the giving up of all of our old life is the price to be paid. We cannot hold back "part of the price". Our nature must become the nature of love ó a divine operation of the Spirit of God, teaching and enabling us to love until the Spirit of Love has gained the mastery. Weíve all had experiences where God has worked us through these things, but again we cannot come to see the experiences as an end. We will know, and so will the world, when the Spirit of Love has gained the mastery. Let us settle it in our hearts. The full birth of the Spirit of Love is our rightful heritage. We go through many dyings and many deaths until the Spirit of Love comes alive in us. Dying is the process of having our thought-life transformed.

These are the keys that God has brought to me through the writings of Hannah Hurnard and these other brethren. God worked this out particularly in this sisterís life as she had desired and longed and prayed. She was on the mission field where everything really shows. It couldnít be hidden that her message and her life were not the same. As much as she longed, it wasnít until God began to bring these truths concerning the thought life (where it all begins and where it all ends), that He could bring her into this Holy Love. I so appreciate this sisterís honesty in the baring of her soul and her struggles, because they have been mine, and I am sure they have been many of ours. She doesnít just put on "the shop window." She tells it like it is.

We have had pieces of this puzzle, pieces of teaching down through the years concerning the thought realm and how powerful was that arena within us. Yet, all of a sudden, I felt the Lord was putting all the pieces together and making it clear and plain to us that it is in the realm of the thoughts that Holy Love is born.

These are some of the things God gave her: The Kingdom of the Love of God is within us and is actually centered in our thought life. Our habits of thought make us the kind of people we are. Everything we do and are springs from our habitual thought patterns. After years of desperately needing and seeking the victory over besetting sins, the Lord showed Hannah the secret hoarded keys which opened the gates and allowed these enemies into her thought realm. We must diligently ask the Lord to show us individually (and she stressed this). There is no use reading her book and thinking, "Whoopee, I have the formula at last!"

Iím a real formula person. I love reading books and getting formulas, and God makes sure that not one of them ever works. Immediately, I try to work it out in the flesh. We have one word from the Lord, that if we through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, we shall live. There is no other way. Hannah stressed that these are the keys that God had given her, but not for us to pick up these keys and think that they were going to be ours. The Lord will let us know what the keys are in each life.

We have need of an entire deliverance! We are talking entire here, saints ó utter ó entire. We are going to possess this mountain in God! The need of such an entire deliverance and the desire to seek and obtain it at any price will neither be understood or felt until we, in some measure, see that this self is indeed the very serpent that poisons our whole life. Until we flee from it and cry for help to have it slain ó until this serpent and all that is the seed of this serpent is known and hated, the Bruiser of his head cannot be known, sought or loved as He should be.

These are serious words; these are heavy words. I praise God for them, because in so many ways I felt I was shadow-boxing for a long time. You know, we lop off a branch here and a branch there but God has to lay the axe to the root of this tree. Itís a big tree, saints. Itís far bigger than we had any idea. We can call it self love and self will and label it and write stories about it and put books out about it, but itís much bigger than we have known. And only God Himself can lay the axe to the root. Then we no longer need to worry about the branches. Weíve been doing fine on the branches. But those branches can grow back so fast, we canít believe it.

As I was writing this from William Law, the Lord brought this "now" scripture. I believe it! "And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly."

Self will even offer to lead and help us in dying to self. Have you ever experienced that? It is only when we begin to fear his terrible subtlety as to bring him to execution that we shall come to the real dying to self. When we come to that place of impotence where we know that no matter how much we desire it, how much God desires it, how much we long for this to be done, self cannot do it. All it has ever brought forth is wood, hay and stubble. We might as well be honest. A sense of our utter inability to deal with Self, a giving up of all hope of conquering him must come. We must bow our hearts in our impotence, entirely casting ourselves in utter despair on God alone to do this work.

I want to make a declaration, because I have watched this for thirty years. I have been involved in it. There was a day when I believed it with all of my heart. It is what I call the over-emphasis on the sovereignty of God. We know that God is sovereign and there are things in our lives that only God can do. But it has produced in so many of us in this calling, a passivity, a "que sera sera." Remember that song? "Whatever will be, will be." Iíll just believe, and God will do it. Well, Iíve been waiting thirty years, and all I know is that I believe He intends that we be workers together with Him. We are going to be pressing into that Kingdom and God is pressing that Kingdom toward us, but He is waiting to see some pressing in, saints. We are not going to flow into this thing, and we are not going to rock in our chairs, and we are not going to go fishing. Weíve tried all of that: "Well, thereís nothing I can do!" Iím not so sure. Iím not so sure about that!

To die to self, to come from under its power, cannot be done by any active resistance we can make to it by the power of nature. Surely we understand that, but again, as soon as I read that, the Lord said again, "If ye through the Spirit do bring to death the works of the body, ye shall live." And where is the Spirit, saints? God is in us, of a truth. God is in us! When we will for His will, then we release the Spirit of God within us. Our prayer must be, "Yes, Lord, at any cost, at any humiliation, at any dying to self love, I must have this mountain!

There has to be that determination, that acknowledgment that "God, I cannot do this thing; I cannot do this thing." But it is just not "I" anymore, for Christ is going to do it in this people. The one simple, plain, immediate and unerring way of dying to self is this: by the mere turning and faith of our mind, we can choose to walk in patience, meekness, humility and resignation to God.

I love what Madame Guyon says about resignation. As Elaine says, "This is not a twentieth century word." We donít hear this too much. Resignation simply means: a giving up of self and sinking down into total acceptance of the will of God in every moment, in every hour, in every situation. This will bring us low before God in the confession of sin and impotence and to a place of patient waiting for His work in us. This is running with patience. Is that a conundrum? Have you ever seen people running in races? They donít look too patient to me. But this is how God does these things. The truth and perfection of dying to self is in this state of heart alone. We need to stop struggling, to understand what God wants, to come to the end of what flesh can produce and realize it is only by His Spirit. It is not by might nor by power, but again by His Spirit, in active cooperation with God, pressing in with everything we have and not making excuses or justifying where we are. Thank God for where we are, but this is not where we shall be! Hallelujah!

Just recently I heard a man preaching at home, and I guess, like me, he had gotten up to the love chapter and had read on the other side (because every time I faced Him I knew I wasnít there and I already felt bad so I thought, "Well, Godís going to do it." So I always read on the other side and on this side, but I was not going to read that!) This brother must have had the same feeling because he preached the whole thing and then he said, "You know, weíve had a mistaken idea that this is what God wants to produce in us, but Iím here to tell you this is only a picture of Godís love for us." It seems he forgot about, "As He is, so are we in this world. Hallelujah!

The Lord Jesus is the Lamb of God, the principle and source of all meekness and humility in the soul. So if anybody is starting out to produce meekness and humility without Him, itís just going to be phony again. As that Lamb, he has all power to bring forth in us the true picture of our own state and heart willingness to turn from it to the mercy of God who alone can bring us into that Kingdom of Love.

Nothing brings us as near to divine relief as the extremity of distress. I think about Martha Wing Robinson. Iíve never been brave enough to pray this prayer yet, but itís coming! After years of feeling so deeply spiritual and having it "all together", she asked the Lord to show her herself, as He saw her. It was probably the greatest revelation of her entire life.

As that Lamb, He has all the power to bring forth in us a true picture of our own state and heart willingness to turn from it to that mercy of God who alone can bring us into that Kingdom of Holy Love. And He brought her in! She became not only willing, but she knew she must face the love chapter. She fell before God for nine months, and verse by verse He ministered this word to her . Her cry became: "Lord, Iím through preaching these things until You come in me in that measure."

She came to the place where she no longer made any excuses for the fact that she wasnít there. She knew there was only one way to get there! She began to seek God with a fervency, "I must have it; I must come into this place." I really believe that is what God is birthing in this people. We will not be denied. If we are to be this people, this cry must come. It must come!

How often the Spirit of God says, "Will ó willing ó willingly." We are talking about the thought life, which is the will. Know that it is the will that is the ruling power in this matter. It is the will that God judges in us, the will in which faith has its strength. It is to the will that the Holy Spirit is given to conquer self.

Hannah Whitall Smith talked about the setting of the will to do the will of God. She said it is not in the emotions; it is not in the desire of our heart. Those things are all necessary, but it is in the will. The will is like the keel of a mighty ship. When once the will is set, the keel of that ship is set to do the will of God. Pay no attention to the billows and waves, all the carryings-on, all the storms and all the things you pass through. She said, "Thatís just the flesh groaning." Iím sure youíve heard these groans. Thatís the beating of the seas and all the things you pass through, but, notice, if you can come to that place of the broken will and set your will to do the will of God, that ship is only going in one direction. You will surely come to the mountain of God once you forever establish where your will is going. This, I believe, is what the scripture is talking about when it speaks of Jesusí face set as a flint.

When God called me into these truths of sonship thirty years ago, that was the first thing He said to me, "Daughter, set your face as a flint to go to the City of God, because without the setting of your face as a flint, you will never go there." We must persevere in this matter and deliverance will surely come. We have felt that we walk through this long period of dying and when that was fully accomplished, then we come into resurrection. You know the verse, "That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death; If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead" Phil. 3:10,11. God showed Hannah that we can be walking in the resurrection at the same time as we are dying! To the exact degree that we are willing to die, we are partaking of His resurrection. That is how, in one sense, we are never off the cross, yet we are always exulting in the winged life of heaven, always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus that the life of Jesus might be manifest in our own bodies.

Have you ever noticed how often this starts with the family? Weíd like "the uttermost parts of the earth", but God says, "Iím going to put you right here in this family and thatís where weíre going to start the " delighted" laying-down of self-love. Crucifixion is a terribly lonely thing and sometimes we spend years trying to evade the cross which the Lord has chosen to be the doorway into the heavenly realms for us. Iíve done it, Lord! Iíve done it! Resurrection can be simultaneous as soon as we really submit to accept with all our will the circumstances which are so difficult and frustrating and agonizing. I said for so many years, "I donít know about that David when he said, "I delight to do thy will, O my God."

I have a feeling that perhaps all the apprehended ones may have this testimony. I said, " I do the will of God because He has been dragging me along with blinders on both eyes and hobbles on both ankles, and itís ĎOthers may but you cannotí." I submitted to that for maybe the first twenty years, but this delight stuff ó I may as well be frank, folks, it wasnít a particular delight. I just felt He didnít give me any choice in the matter and thatís how it was going to be. But, God is bringing a people whose delight is to do His will, and I can truly say with all My heart I have come to that place. I donít know whatís out there yet. None of us do. But I am delighting to do His will, because I am understanding His will and Iím loving Him so much. Itís because the cost is not that important any more!

The will, laid down into death for loveís sake, will be raised to life again in some more glorious and perfect form. This is the God who said, "Gather up the fragments that nothing be lost!" Itís not lost ó itís only temporary. It is in the everyday life and circumstances of each of us that the reign of love must come ó R e i g n ó the exasperating, irksome, often thankless daily nittie-gritties of whatever place or situation our Father has put us in. This is the ground in which this Kingdom of Love brings forth His mighty work in us if we willingly fall on the Rock.

This I felt the Lord gave me: When failings and fallings come, we can no longer give in to discouragement and despair and give up. I donít know about the rest of you, but Iíve had a lot of struggles with this. The vision was so high and what I saw that God wanted was so far from where I felt I was making it, that it was just like, "I believe Iíll just settle for a lesser realm. I think Iíll be the sixty-fold." Sometimes I wasnít sure about that. Yet, that thing that God had planted within said, "Go on to the top of the mountain. Go on. Itís the top of the mountain that I have put in your heart. Itís eternity that I have placed in your heart. It is the purposes of God that I have put in your heart. Get up out of Giant Despairís Castle and begin to walk again."

As Hannah says, sheíd rather be falling and rising on the highway to the Kingdom of Love than never to have begun. We will have up days and down days ó there is still a very strong human component in every one of us. When failings and fallings come, we can no longer give way to discouragement and despair and give up. We must not look inside seeking to measure our progress! If any of us have had those yardsticks and rulers, we can just put them away because Godís not going to show us. He is the measurement. We must continue to believe that He who has begun a good work in us will finish it. Not in a state of passivity, as I said before, but by an active, obedient co-laboring with God, we shall see this thing through. We are going to strengthen one another. When men shall say, "cast down, cast down" , God will cause brothers and sisters to say, "Let there be a lifting-up ó a new determination."

God gave me this as I was writing and it was just, "O God, thatís what I feel inside me thatís different. Thatís what is consuming me night and day ó a determination to have this Holy Love operating, not sometimes, but continually in our lives. It must lay hold of us as the desperation for Godís blessing laid hold of Jacob. What matters it if He has to break us in the source of our strength? What does it matter if weíre in the bondage of humiliation and drink the waters of bitterness? What does it matter? What matters if we go limping into the dawning of this Kingdom? Shall not the lame take the prey? What does it matter if our strength is all gone as long as we know that He is our life; He is our strength; He is our sufficiency!

I heard the Spirit say very powerfully within me, "It is time to slay the leviathan that lieth and moveth in the great waters." And now we know what it is: self-love ó a will that does not truly will to do the will of God. You notice, He didnít say, "Itís time Iím going to slay him" (and we know He is). But it is time to will to help God slay this leviathan that lieth and moveth in the great waters of the soul. Never mind looking out there in the ocean somewhere. We know about the whale and all that explanation. Godís talking about something much closer to home!

Last night, the Lord woke me up and showed me that multitudes of His people in this hour are running all over the world to see signs and wonders. We also know that we are living in an hour of such deception that there will be lying signs and wonders, so they must look like the real thing ó right?

God said, "Go tell My people it is not in outward things. It is not in miracles. It is not in all these things that we have imagined it to be. My people will be that sign and that wonder. They are the signs and wonders that God is bringing forth in this hour. We donít need to run anywhere. We need to run into Him, because of His glory. Heís laying bare His mighty arm and His glory shall be seen in a people and these will be the signs and wonders that the world has long waited to see and that we are groaning within our very beings to become!

I feel the Lord wants me to share a song that He gave me 15 years ago. I had gone through five months of extreme illness and was told that this particular virus was breaking down my immune system. When I finally got up and looked in a mirror, I almost died. I looked like someone from Biafra and my clothes hung on me as on a clothes hanger. I cried, "O, God!" I got back into bed, curled up into a fetal position and gave in to a spirit of death. I said, "Lord, I canít fight this anymore. Iíve had it. Iím out of here."

Suddenly, it was like a steel rod came up through my body. The Lord said, "You shall not die, but live to declare the works of God." There was an anger in me because of the extremity of weakness. My vocal chords were almost destroyed and two doctors had told me Iíd never sing again. I cried, "Lord, if Iím to live, give me back my voice! I want to sing the songs Youíve given me for Your people. I must have my voice!" (I had extreme laryngitis for a long time and could just whisper, but my voice came back).

The first two or three lines of this song came to me that day, and I crawled on my hands and knees upstairs to get some paper to write them down. May they speak to your hearts as they did to mine!

O come, Holy Spirit, breathe on this flame of God
That it may leap higher within this earthly sod.
Purge out every false thing till there be one desire
To be as the Master, filled with His holy fire.
With live coals from Thine altar touch these lips with
Thy burning flame
Come, Lord, and consume all dross for the glory of
Thy dear Name.
Passed away be the in-part as that which was incomplete
Till we come as perfected sons to fall at Your pierced feet.
From Thy altar then send us forth with the gospel for
every man
The mystery hid from the ages past, Your reserved salvationís plan
As lightning shines from the east to the west, so shall the
sending-forth be
Till all creation in darkness long shall arise the light to see.
Thruí the trials sore and the furnaceí blast , You have taught us to know Your ways,
As you purged and broke all self-will in those You have
chosen to herald the Day.
Now we watch and wait with a steadfast heart for Your
appearing, O King.
Weíre preparing our hearts to receive You, Lord, making
ready Your new song to sing.
Then this song weíll sing to the lands afar of the glorious
morningís light
And hearts will burn with the truth of God who have suffered through sinís dark night.
And Israelís God will be God Most High who birthed the
living seed
For She shall yet be a praise in the earth, and all nations
be blessed indeed.
Faith Williams
Co-laborer together with
Bill and Elaine Cook
P. O. Box 2221
Grand Forks , B.C.