Bill Cook

Bill CookWe just received word that Bill passed away this morning at 4:30 AM. Our thoughts and prayers are with Elaine at that time.

Please feel free to offer your thoughts and condolences below.

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  1. Ulrich Drachenberg says:

    Our brother Bill will always be remembered in my heart as kind and gentle spirit who demonstrated no guile in my presence and no ill will towards anyone. This is consistent with his heart of reconciliation for all mankind and the oneness he shared with his Heavenly Father’s heart. When I first learned that the Lord wanted to write his laws upon our minds and hearts, I didn’t know that he would use penmanship in the form of lives such as Bill and Elaine. These individuals used ink that would never fade and engraving that would permanently remain. We always look forward to the fruitful outcome of their faith in the lives of the Body of Christ whom they have impacted. We also rejoice in this next transition of Bill’s life, we pray for ongoing strength, comfort and peace for all those most near and dear and we truly look forward to meeting Bill again. Blessings to you all.

  2. cl5827 says:

    I would like to thank Monty Williamson for notifying me of Bill’s passing. He and Lori have been a real blessing to the Cooks and all of us as well. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Bill and I were phone and letter brothers. I never met him personally but for years we had such joyous times talking and sharing God’s immense love for us. Bill was such a dear man. I know Elaine will miss him so, as will I.

    At times we would be sharing the word of truth (Christ Himself) and Bill would break down and weep that weep of purest love and anointing from the deep well of life within his spirit. Then he would regale me at other times with stories of his former adventures and life in the province. He was quite an historian I found. He also loved his animals. Such tales he could recount. Of all the memories I treasure of this wonderful man, I will treasure always the letter he wrote me a while back on bits and pieces of paper he scrounged. It was hard to read but it melted my heart. He longed for the fellowship we had but now could not as he had moved into the in-patient residence there in Creston. Such a heart of the servant Jesus so desires of us. The scribbled out letter I shall always treasure for it manifested the Christ I know and he knew (knows). Bless you Bill.

    Bill, I will miss you as a true friend and our times sharing across the border. But I rejoice with you for your first and foremost love was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.
    Therefore my tears are of joy and saddness as you pass from this earthly realm into
    His waiting, embracing Arms. Bless the Lord for you my dearest friend.

    Cal Cobb
    Farmington, NY

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