Elaine Cook Update – Aug 27/12

Greetings in the Name of the Lord.

This update is being sent out as there has been a marked change in Elaine’s condition. A month ago things were as they have been; trouble communicating, but her physical condition was good. As Bill used to say – “If we could take my mind and put into Elaine’s body – we would have one whole person.”  He was just joking of course – but Elaine’s physical body was in good condition.

In the last month, she has taking to eating little and sleeping lots. She has had a rash break out on the right side of her face and when it was first seen – it looked bad. Through cream and pills it has improved, but it is still very pronounced. She also has had a fall that resulted in a blow to the head and a bruise on her hip. She was taken to the hospital and and checked out and returned to the lodge.  Her walking has got unsteady and she is now getting around in a wheel chair.

Communicating with her before was not good, but we thought we were understanding each other, some of the time.  Now, it is much more difficult and she is not talking much at all.. She does definitely enjoy when you pray or sing in the Spirit. That puts a smile on her face.

She is still in a good place. The Lodge staff are very good to her. She is at peace and it is still a “Blessed time” when you visit. But the staff have noticed she is eating less and sleeping more.


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