New update – March 7,2011

Due to being out of the country, we haven’t done any updates.  I spoke with the manager at Swan Valley Lodge on Friday and she said that Elaine is doing well.  There are no changes in Elaine’s physical condition.  She is enjoying interacting with the other patients, often praying with folks, and she is a joy  for the staff to work with.  Elaine is now a permanent resident of Swan Valley Lodge.  Nothing else to report at this time.   Lori

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2 Responses to New update – March 7,2011

  1. Scarter says:

    I have not ever met the Cook’s that I am aware of but am a member of the “House of the Lord’ in Dickson TN. I am enjoying reading the newsletters and publications they produced throughout the years. They are amazing people that God has used to do some amazing things. My wish is that I could have known them or have the opportunity to meet them in the future. I wanted to thank you for the continued updates because although I do not “know” Elaine, my spirit does and I am watching and praying over her. Love and Blessings, Sebrina Carter

  2. Sabe says:

    Hi My name is Sabe and I do not know Elaine but I have visited their website and have read a lot teachings Elaine wrote. I have been busy with my job and have not been able to revisit her site until yesterday which is February 25, 2012, I read about Elaine and Bill’s health condition and I am sorry. Elaine sent me two books in yeart 2007 called NOT MADE BY HANDS and the SONG OF THE BRIDE and I still read them up to this date. Elaine has gone ahead of us to prepare us for the NEW DAY in which the Lord has set it apart for the bride and I am so blessed. She is in my prayers.
    May the Lord bless her, keep her, guard and make His Face shine upon her and Bill now and forever. Shalom. From Mrs Sabe Oksap, Lae, Papua New Guinea

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