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During this time of trial for Bill and Elaine, we know many of us are reminiscing on the wonderful things the Lord has done/taught us through them. This blog/forum is a place for us to share.

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33 Responses to Your Comments and Blessings are Welcome

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  2. javabead says:

    Is there any further updates on Elaine? I have been praying for her and Bill. I know that this event has some significant meaning. While praying I got the impression of “the final trial” . Like she is graduating after the “finals” at school. She is learning unspeakable things during this trial.
    The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:
    The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
    The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

  3. jjchapman says:

    May Christ the Healer bless you and keep you in the warm embrace of His Eternal Love, Bill and Elaine and family and friends. Sharon and I and everyone from the fellowships of Stephen Jones and James Bruggeman are praying for you. We love you.

  4. dmsikes says:

    I was thinking about the song by Bob and Charlotte Torango. *For those of you who don’t know Bob just had a triple bypass surgery. Bob came through the procedure fine and is doing very well. He is on the road to recovery. *
    I had a dream at the begining of this year and Bob’s song was in the dream. Ron Poch was also in the dream and he looked at me and said that we needed to teach the body that song. I knew what he meant because we were all gathered in a meeting and a man was in between worlds asking us to pray that he ascend. We gathered around this man and began to sing and praise the Lord. As we did this we all began to rise up too. I think that Elaine is in a place of great transition, because she is caught between this realm and another. There is a doorway before her because she is entering into it and those beyond the veil are coming through it. At the end of the song heaven and earth meet together on higher ground. I expect that our day is fast approaching where we will be joined in the Spirit with those on the other side being made one in Spirit too. We are all climbing and ascending and I press for that day to reveal itself…AMEN!
    My thoughts and prayers are with Elaine and Bill, they are like a second set of grandparents to me and I love them dearly!

  5. Dale Luttrell says:

    Bill and Elaine we love you so very much! You both have a special place in our hearts. We know that the Lord has all things in His loving hands and we are all secure in Him. His blessings and comfort be yours in the midst of this time of trial. You are in our prayers daily.

  6. clr says:

    Elaine has been such a confirmer to me and even though I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her I love and appreciate her so very much. My love and prayers go to Bill and all her family and selfishly pray she is returned to us with great things to share.

  7. cl5827 says:

    Elaine and Bill have been such a joy to all of us. I have followed their spiritual journey for decades and feasted on the bountiful word provided through their powerful newsletter and loving emails. Elaine said one time that I am their cheerleader, cheering them on in this daily kingdom walk. Well, Elaine, I am here again cheering you on to whatever our Father has for you. You as well, Bill. You both are so precious to us. I love you both so dearly.

    • cl5827 says:

      Thank you for the latest update regarding Elaine’s condition and Bill’s as well. The two are truly ONE.
      I know she would love to be home with her beloved husband. There is a hope deep in my breast for our sweet sister.
      Elaine desires the Father’s will. She is totally given to Him. “I am His and He is mine.” Bill would agree. My prayer is
      for her to return to home just a few blocks away: “Thy will be done, Father.” “Elaine – I am still your ‘cheerleader’ from
      afar.” May the morning song of the turtledove be again heard in the land! You both are so loved!
      Love never fails,
      Cal Cobb

  8. Stan & Vicki says:

    We Stan & Vicki,
    Did not know about Elaine Cook until we discovered her website in 2009.
    But during this time we have listened and to all of her audio teachings and have
    read many of her written teachings . She has re-confirmed everything that the
    Holy Spirit has revealed to us over the years. We sometimes felt so alone until we
    discovered Elaine . Now we have have met someone who has given us a stronger realization that we are walking the right path when few we know understand this way.
    We have also share her teachings with other who have been strengthened by her as well.
    We well know well that she has walked a path not always easy but her steps have truly been ordered of the Lord .
    When we sense the strength of one such as Elaine and Bill as they have persevered
    in the face of adversity and have prevailed. It’s not hard follow the faith of such who
    are manifest as true saints.
    Bill and Elaine not only in our prayer but also the prayer of others of whom we have turned on to your teachings do keep you in our prayers.
    With Love from your Brother and Sister in Christ we close for now.

  9. t121 says:

    Father, may Your Light of Glory and Peace rest continually on Elaine and Bill. May Your Healing Wings continue to cover Elaine. I love you both and pray that the Lord’s glorious will be done. Amen.

  10. MarionMilton says:

    My dear dear Elaine,
    How marvelous, how wonderful, the work Father has wrought in your life. How precious and dear you’ve been to us and to so many.
    My throat is choked with tears, and my heart is pieced with pain at the thought of losing you my dear sister, (I am selfish for you to stay), yet I know Father knows what’s best for you. Great is your faithfulness and greater still the work installed for you whether here or on the other side.
    We’ve had awesome times with you when you came to our islands on some of your many missions; sharing the love and wisdom He’s given you.
    We can’t express how blessed we’ve been to have had those many hours of sweet fellowship with you and Bill. We thank Father for allowing us to share in a small part of your lives.
    We love you deeply and pray His will be done.
    God be with you till we meet again.

    Aloha Ke Akua dear ones.

  11. Kathy BB says:

    God introduced me to Elaine’s teachings over ten years ago in response to asking for something deeper, some greater understanding of His Words. I have loved the revelation that Elaine recieved and then taught to all her readers and those she has mentored over the years. God’s heart and mind as revealed to Elaine and then passed on to her readers has inspired me to grow, mature and aspire to be a “son” of the Most High God. Her understanding of the prophetic pictures of the Old Testament have been so delightful and inspiring, not to mention growing the mind of Christ in me and I expect all of her readers…. However that reminds me that as I read her writings, her entire life was a prophetic picture; from the cars they bought to daily events in their most recent life, including something so ordinary as building a deck. How long ago was it that she had some especially challenging skin condition and what was it that the Lord told her about that?? My memory fails me, and I’m not sure I heard (or read) the whole story, but what I do remember was that it was something symbolic about the condition of the church that she was experiencing as a forerunner. Now I hear that she has a brain tumor – hmmm – sounds a bit like the enemy has been allowed to invade the mind of Christ, and that too sounds like a condition of the church. A stroke, a blood clot in the brain, hmmm…. the life flow gets stopped up and causes repairable damage in an artery…. hmmm…. Since she has given YaVeh permission to use her life in lots of symbolic ways, why would now be any different? Only this time there was no fore warning, at least that I heard of. I find the timing of this affliction very interesting as well. What was the date of the “stroke”? Someone who is good with the numbers and timing of things should take a look at this because the Feast of Tabernacles is next week and who is more deserving of rising or appearing in a glorified body during the FOT than Elaine? Since her entire life has been a prophetic picture, why should that change now…. ??
    Please keep us informed with lots of information on the blog in the next weeks, I for one am expecting to hear that God has way more planned than we can ever imagine.
    The song that keeps rolling thru my head is from Is.40:31…”those who wait for YaVeh shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” I pray this over Elaine, but more than that I expect this to be what God will do for Elaine… after all that He has shown her and taught her and the place that He has brought her to in Himself… how could He do less???
    In Great Expectation in a Great God and the Great things He has promised to do in His People….. Kathy BB

  12. jan williams says:

    What a blessing you have been to me since I found you in 2004 . You pulled me out
    of a confused state of mind and set me back on the right track how I thank you for your faithfulness you are so loved by our Father and by a great company of saints. May Father
    continue to bless you richly on this side or the other side of the veil which ever He sees
    fit. But, I share the same selfish desire that you would stay with us a while longer and
    teach us the truths that you have learned at Fathers feet. Although , I have depended
    on you all this time and now I have to straighten up and spend more time with our
    Father myself. I work full time and have a husband who does not walk in the faith.
    The time is now to grow up!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH – BLESSINGS TO YOU.

  13. PoiemaDei says:

    The Lord who is faithful will continue to enrich Elaine with His life and strength in the midst of these difficult trials.

  14. irenem says:

    Yes it is Good! Good is already coming out of this! Good is all I see. We give you thanks Lord, your works and goodness are great to behold. The Lord Bless and keep you Elaine and Bill

  15. patrick and rosalie says:

    Little did we realise that when we offered hospitality in 1999 to some folks visiting Scotland that Bill and Elaine would be staying in our home, and that our lives would be changed! They shared such new things that we could hardly take in, let alone under-stand. However our spirits had been quickened and God knew our hearts so well that He sent Elaine back to Scotland 2 years later to give us a second helping! This time we found that we understood what Elaine was saying, and what is more, we believed.
    We marvel at Bill and Elaine’s faithfulness, and Elaine in particular for making the second trip in obedience to His prompting. How we love them both.

    In the present circumstances we know that God is in control, and that His perfect Will
    will be done. For over 10 years we have been feeding on the truth flowing out from
    Creston, but perhaps a new day is dawning, and we all need to feed on Him alone.

    Thank you Elaine and Bill – bless you – we love you.

  16. kathleen vojtasek says:

    When I pray for Bill and Elaine, my spirit leaps in joy! Praise His Name! I can’t express how much I feel knit with Elaine. I have never met her in person, but there is sure a strong bond! I love her dearly! Jesus has used her whole life as a word of strength, comformation, and hope for his bride church, and why would this situation not be the same? Our Lord has His mighty purpose and will fulfill it to the utermost! Let’s lift up our heads for our redemption draws nigh!! Our eyes are fixed on Jesus the Holy One of God!! May He work freely through each of us as He knits us together in the perfect union of His body. We praise Him for what He is doing and know it is full of purpose! Let us stand on our Lord as He is Truth for He will not fail us! As we give Him the reigns we are soaring higher and higher! Bless His Holy Name!

  17. patrick and rosalie says:

    I thank God that some years ago He brought Elaine and Bill Cook into my life. Elaine had been invited to speak at a local church. She shared with us The Feasts of the Lord. Although I didn’t really understand much of it, I knew it was TRUTH and that was the beginning of a totally new walk with the Lord. I knew God was speaking to my heart and I received it with great joy. Over the years the Lord has brought some of us in Scotland into a totally new walk and by the Holy Spirit, we have shared this with others as the Lord has guided.

    Knowing and loving Elaine and Bill over the years has blessed me and given me so much joy and I pray much for them. We will watch our Loving Heavenly Father work in this new situation He has brought them in to, and give praise. I thank God for every word and every part of the ministry of the Gospel of the Kingdom through Elaine Cook and others.

  18. Norman and Joan says:

    We are very heartened to hear via your website that you are making great progress. It was a great shock to hear of your illness, but then to realise that you know with absolute certainty that the Lord has you in the palm of His hand was very comforting and powerfully challenging and encouraging.
    This has been a cornerstone of your ministry to us – comfort, gentle challenge and encouragement.You have always had time for us in the midst of a very busy life and we have been mightily blessed by knowing you via the internet. Your walk with the Lord has been a wonderful example and we give Him thanks and praise for how He has revealed Himself in your life and continues to do so as you overcome in all your present circumstances.
    We remember you and Bill almost on a daily basis and long to see the outcome of this trajectory in your journey.
    May God bless you both abundantly with His peace and joy and health and strength.
    With much love,
    Norman and Joan.

  19. Udeme Anosike says:

    It is with mixed feelings that I have received the news of Elaine’s illness. But then it appears that even in this the Lord is being glorified through her.
    I pray for strength for her and Bill through the entire trial. I pray that God’s will be done through it all. I pray that Elaine & Bill will have uncommon favor all round and lack nothing they need at this time.
    Elaine & Bill have been a tremendous blessing to me. Elaine’s writings have been a light and source of encouragement to me. I thank God very much for giving her as a gift to His body.
    Our prayers remain with her & Bill through this season, as we wait on our heavenly to complete His work in their lives.
    With love,
    Udeme Anosike

  20. DouglasClark says:

    I was in my early twenties when on a Sunday afternoon Diana and I drove to John and Dorothea Gardner’s for fellowship. John asked me if I had read Bill and Elaine’s latest paper. I told him that I had never heard of “Bill and Elaine.” He then began to read to me from the, “House Not Made with Hands” series. I was greatly encouraged as I heard how the Lord was teaching spiritual truth through the experience of building a house.

    A few years later we had the opportunity to meet Bill and Elaine as they toured through the USA. The Lord gave Elaine a word for me that has stayed with me over the past twenty-some years.

    Over the years the Lord has spoke many truths to the brethren through the natural experiences of the Cook’s. I don’t doubt that He is continuing to speak to us — even when there are not words to describe.

    We love and miss both of you!

    Douglas and Diana Clark — Michigan, USA

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  26. Ruth Thomas says:

    Momma Elaine, I love you and pray our Father’s will in your life. My words are few but I know your heart and love for Father. Forever your daughter, Ruth in Chattanooga, Tennessee

  27. Annalize Mouton says:

    Please give our love and blessings to Bill and Elaine from Stanford, South Africa – Annalize Moouton and Phoebe de Bruyn. And please could you sharethe following with her family and friends: A woman here who also had a stroke, regained full speech by singing all the songs that she knew. Maybe, you could sing with Elaine! It is worth a try. Love to you all.

  28. Eagleson55 says:

    Isn’t HE marvelous? Counselor, Wonderful, ALMIGHTY GOD. Isn’t HE? Isn’t HE?
    Just read about Sister Elaine! The Lord filled me with thoughts of her for the past three months. I never met her physically but she and Bill have been used by the Lord to bless me tremendously in my wilderness journey with HIM. I called her once during my darkest hour two years ago. She has life and ministers life. The uninitiated might ask why someone like her should suffer a stroke. The answer is simple, it is all part of HIS plan for the good of HIS Kingdom. Known to Him are all HIS works and HE loves us more than we will EVER imagine or think of loving ourselves. Yes, HE will strengthen Bill and we rejoice in whatever HE chooses for Elaine. Let HIS GLORY come down and HIS will be done, Amen.

  29. Agbabi-solomon says:

    When I first got to know Mama Elaine (please pardon me for that is the way we both address each other) in 2003 what a sweet Mum she is, I called her Mama Elaine and she calls me her Nigerian son in Lagos Nigeria.
    I could see our maturity been express in the midst of this great and awesome time, my heart have been heavy ever since I read this on the net. Like the early church who were also in mixed feeling when ever one of God’s resources is about to be taken or is taken.
    How be it, we will hold unto that which we have held unto, and finish the race. beloved this is not the time to be weak and be pitied, let us arise and advance the course of the King on the heart of men.
    We have won,and the shout of the king is in our midst. Papa Bill let you heart be strong for that which we pass through is for that which is lacking in Christ(His Body) for us, the Lord Bless us and keep us and watch over us. Amen

  30. sharon48 says:

    Elaine! Sister you have been a blessing to me and still is, you are his workmanship created unto righteousness, look up my sister for your redemption draweth nigh! For is grace is sufficeint for thee. I give GOD all the praise for I see his hands at work in your life. I perceive that this is not only your faith that is being tested but ours at well. I trust the LORD for he does all things well and he is altogether lovely. Be blessed and encouraged my sister and brother for our LORD always stand before our FATHER making intercession for us.

  31. onegreeneye says:

    thanks for keeping the wealth of wisdom on this website up & running… Im so grateful..amen.Thank u so much for u all – anna clark

  32. St. Mark says:

    Our beloved Elaine.

    We are still with you – have never forgotten you! We will preach/teach/love/fellowship on either side of the veil… agape, St. Mark…& Family

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