In a Place of Special Joy

Dear Brethren in Christ,

A number of us felt led to come to Creston this weekend and we want to give an update on  the physical and spiritual situation regarding Elaine. Physically there is marked improvement. There are more recognizable words of English before tongues or words get mixed.

On our first night with her at the hospital while in prayer we heard “You have not been this way before.” In a vision angels were seen standing about her guarding her, awaiting the command of the Lord. They are standing by her, taking care of her and the heavenly joy is great in her presence. Elaine is definitely in a place of special joy. The angels are waiting the command of the Lord. Whether the command is to continue a journey home; (there are times when the Lord’s desire is for us not to be apart from Him any longer.) At times when His love can not bear to be apart and He takes us to our heavenly home prepared for us. Or the command can be to return her to us. The command has not been given and whatever it is we will REJOICE.

While in prayer for Elaine at the house, another picture seen was that she is halfway through this door with beautiful, powerful light streaming through. What is she seeing? What can she see? This picture had two pieces- one was of the ministry awaiting through the door, the ministry to the generations waiting to hear the words of life and to be set free. The other part of the picture was for the newsletter ministry, it sheds the Light of the Lord to many peoples.

At this time, the newsletter for September was started by Elaine and we feel to finish it for this month. As to what the next step is after that, we do not know. The same email address will be used, which will be answered by a few of us (many hands make light work). Requests for materials at this time will be on hold.

This came in email this morning “As we were praising & worshiping the Lord this morning, we sang a song by Bob & Charlotte Torango that reminded me so much of Elaine and where she is now.

There’s a man standing on the river, he’s proclaiming life unto both sides
He is dressed in garments made of linen, for he’s a Priest of Christ, the Most High
Both banks of the river are rejoicing as they hear the resurrection sound
Each side’s receiving their new body as heaven and earth meet together on higher ground”

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Yours in Christ,
Bill Cook
Monty and Lori Williamson
Meredith and Anne Lister
Trinity Mugo
Kristal and Klaus Kruit
Marion and Jim Polzin
Bill and Lavina Adair

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