Long Awaited Transfer to Kelowna Hospital

Yesterday, the long awaited transfer to Kelowna Hospital took place. At this Hospital (in a larger city), Elaine will be able to receive speech therapy. We are thanking the Lord for this next positive step. There are friends and relatives in this local that will be able to provide support to Bill and Elaine. Elaine has two nieces who live there. Ray and Sheila Knight reside nearby, as well as Janis Shultz and Dale Pretty.  We are all thankful to the Lord for this next step! We just found out that one of nieces visited today and is planning to bring more family tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Long Awaited Transfer to Kelowna Hospital

  1. onegreeneye says:

    thank you for updating us. Im praying for you all & I am so grateful for the progress & everything is working out. -anna clark

  2. onegreeneye says:

    praying for God to bring a peace, wisdom, direction, & supernatural healing to the brain & supernatural re-wring, healing in nerves,cells, tissues in Jesus name-dont worry… glory to God…i am thankful to be updated, even more so for God is faithful, & God will continue to be with you all, and angels are surrounding you working things in your favor, Gods glory, in jesus name amen:).-anna clark

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