Moved Back to Swan Valley Lodge in Creston

Elaine has been moved to Swan Valley Lodge here in Creston. It is about 4 block’s ( uphill – Bill walks it) from Bill’s to the Lodge. It is a long term care home with a secure environment.

The effects of the stroke appear to be permanent – so there is no discernible change in Elaine. This is very hard on everyone close to Elaine and hard on her as well. She wants to be home. She is safe and well cared for.

Someone was curious how Bill was doing – his strength has improved and he is out and about a lot. So if you call the house and there is no answer – it is because he is uptown visiting Elaine, having coffee, having lunch  or out at the Blueberry Farm. His health improvement from 6 months ago is dramatic and the Lord knows Bill needs the extra strength now. He, like all of us; are finding this time to be hard – but we know the Lord is in control.

Thanks for all the prayers and words of encouragement!

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  1. Rita says:

    Thank you so much, “Keepers Of The Blog”, for keeping the loved ones of Bill & Elaine informed! I think none of us were expecting this, but all seem to know that they are both so very close to the Heart of God , and we know that His love for them far exceeds our human capabilities for Love. My heart is with them as are my prayers. (They are so incredibly precious!) I think that He is working out wonderous things that we may not know about , but His Ways are much Higher than ours and His Love for His servants/saints is Perfect and can be Trusted completely. I want to encourage everyone to continue to pray and seek the Lord on their behalf…..they have been so good to interceed for all of us over the years…it is a priviledge to hold them before the Lord now. To tell of the things these faithful servants have done for me alone would take a book, but I’m sure all of you could say the same.

    Also, thank you dear blog keepers for finishing the September paper. I will continue to pray for direction for everyone involved. God bless you all.

    • cl5827 says:

      The loving hearts of Father’s precious ones are opening the gates of the heavenlies for our dear Sister Elaine and Bill.
      He hears the cry of the righteous and forsakes them not. This is our season of intercession out of love for
      these two givers who are our close kindsmen. This is the heart of body ministry if you will,
      to lay down our lives out of love. You see, Love never fails, it cannot, as God IS love.

      Bless you all.

      Cal Cobb

  2. Lisa Dubois says:

    Elaine & Bill,
    My daily prayers, thoughts, & love are with you both. Your spiritual input and support has blessed me so much at the women’s prison in California and now in Pekin, IL. Your newsletters have brought me hours of joy in our Lord. I now have a friend who will visit your site and email me articles and updates. Thank you so much for your inspiration & prayers.
    Love Lisa Dubois
    Love, Lisa Dubois

  3. brian_a says:

    Oh Father,

    As Elaine was a comforter for us in our spiritual walk, may You, the God of all Comfort, fill her with peace, love, and joy during her time of trial. Please touch her and Bill and impart strength and revelation to them. As she wrote that healing will come through revelation in this age of Tabernacles, Lord, we ask You Lord to raise up a healing hand among the saints. Father, we seek Your will and Your guidance, knowing that all things work for our good because we love You. Elaine is in Your loving hands, Oh Lord, and all that You do is good and for our benefit. We thank and praise You, looking forward to Elaine’s restoration to perfect health either now or in the resurrection. Amen.

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