Elaine Update

We have talked with Elaine’s Doctor and the Head Nurse at the Lodge. They have determined after Elaine’s 30 day assessment that she will be staying in the Lodge in a different pod (wing). Short of a miracle, she will be a long term resident in the R.Harris Pod at Swan Valley Lodge. (Note: she will be moved when a bed opens up.) The Lodge is very nice and others, who have seen more of these homes, have stated this is a good one.
Elaine is still at peace and the joy around her is beautiful and contagious. She is painfree.
Her comprehension center is still messed up. (Physicallly she is able to get up and around with no problem.) We have seen some improvement in her ability to understand us. When she talks with us her words are still mixed up, but she still does not comprehend that we are not understanding her. To me, it appears if the Lord was to “flick a switch”, we would have the old Elaine back.
Last night after a time of prayer with Elaine, Lori thought (words still mixed), she heard Elaine say “We are in the Third Day and she is waiting to enter into her inheritance.” We were blessed with our time together.

Note: Bill Cook has moved to his own apartment and has the same phone number. He is continuing to be busy.

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