Another Update Nov.18

Elaine’s assessment for long term care has been completed and she is accepted for long term care. Currently she is in the Swan Valley Lodge and if a bed opens there or in the Crestview; she will have a permanent bed assigned. These facilities are excellent. (Note: for those wondering: – the cost for her care is fixed by the government at 80% of her government pension, so she is taken care of financially.)
Visitors have been:
– Her grandaughter and husband
– Bill’s sister and brother-in-law

– Her brother Bill and sister-in-law
– Faith Williams spent some time visiting in Creston and joyous times in the Spirit happened. Elaine was able to communicate and insisted that Faith join her for supper in the Lodge.She did it find it hard visiting Elaine, because she is not the same person she was.

– Janice has been here helping out. She took Elaine out to get her hair done (she looks even more beautiful now).
– Dale has been here as well.
Dale and Janice have done a lot to help get Bill set-up in his apartment. Bill’s place is a comfortable one bedroom apartment situated one block from downtown. (It is not set-up for overnight visitors). His address is #6 – 202 – 18th Avenue S, Creston, BC. V0B 1G0.
Elaine has no pain and there is still joy and peace around her. Some days her English appears to be getting a bit better and she seems to comprehend a bit better as well, but she does not realize when we do not understand her. Also, there appears to be an increase in paranoia.. When our visit starts, it appears; that she is trying to tell us about the terrible goings on. Last night she wanted the door shut at the start of the visit. After a bit she will start talking about the wonderful things the Lord is showing her, but comprehension on the part of the listener is still lacking.
The next writing is from a card that was sent to Elaine by a dear sister in the Lord. The cover of the card is of a wrought iron gate that is partially opened. The dear sister glued a small butterfly going through the opening in the gate. Beside she wrote “ Elaine opening the door as He invites Her into New Realms of Glory.”
Inside the card she wrote:

Beloved Elaine,
I wanted the Lord to lead me to the right card for you, and when my eyes fell on this one, I felt it was the one He picked!
It seemed to have a message in it, as I looked at it through spiritual eyes. It was like I saw you, Elaine, standing before this lovely gate that was partially opened and its’ like He was saying…..” Enter in this new PLACE of glory, My love. I invite you to place your hand upon the latch and open wide the gate that you may walk into new realms with Me. The light increases as you walk into new realms with Me. The former glory is now fading away and the “the latter glory” is coming into greater reality. The “Light” is Me, the Sun of Righteousness, with healing in My wings, hovering over you. This path I have you on is the path of the righteous that shines brighter and brighter unto the coming day”!
“The path you’ve left behind is strewn with rose petals signifying your sacrificial life being offered to Me. The scent of these precious petals will encourage others as they walk out their appointed places.
Be encouraged, My love! I invite you to open the gate (of your heart) widely that you may taste of the new realms of glory.”

Darling Elaine,
I trust that this “little word” can somehow encourage your precious heart. You and Bill are Extremely dear to my husband and me. You have and continue to be His faithful forerunner on this journey.
Be blessed, dear one,
Love and hugs in Him!

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